Steam boiler maintenance and maintenance

Steam boiler maintenance and maintenance I. Maintenance method 1. The boiler feed water must be qualified, which is an important matter to extend the life of the boiler and ensure safe operation. 2. The feed water temperature should be as close as possible to the furnace temperature, preferably above 20 °C. 3. The low water level cutting device must be inspected, maintained and cleaned regularly. The water level controller is cleaned at least once a month and the water level gauge is flushed at least once a day. The water level gauge should be at the highest water level; after flushing, the water level should not be lower than the minimum safe water level. If the flushing is not clean, it can be washed several times, but it must be flushed at the highest water level. 4. It is necessary to carry out the sewage discharge operation regularly, at least once a day (per shift). After draining, check whether the drain valve is leaky due to the influence of dirt; if it is, it must be excluded. 5. When the furnace is shut down without maintaining the steam pressure, the boiler steam space will generate negative pressure and retain the air. Therefore, the total steam valve should be opened first when the combustion is raised again. 6. After the ash is accumulated in the pipe, the exhaust gas temperature will increase, which will reduce the efficiency of the boiler and increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, the front and rear door covers should be opened regularly to remove or blow off the ash from the pipe. Second, shutdown maintenance and anti-corrosion 1. After the boiler is shut down, in order to prevent corrosion inside the pot, maintenance must be carried out. 2. Short-term maintenance. The wet maintenance method can be adopted; that is, after the furnace is stopped, the furnace water is filled up and the air is completely discharged. 3. Long-term maintenance. Dry maintenance method can be used, that is, the furnace water is drained after the furnace is stopped, the lower hand hole is opened, the water in the pot is blown dry, and the desiccant is put through the lower hand hole, and should be replaced regularly, and the monthly inspection can be started and replaced. Once, it can be done once every three months. However, it should be noted that all desiccant must be removed before the boiler is activated. III. Monitoring and Maintenance 1. During the operation of the boiler, the equipment should be inspected every 1 hour, and the operation of the boiler safety components and rotating equipment should be checked. 2. The project cycle, such as inspection, test and regular operation of the boiler equipment, shall be specified and loaded into the site as icons. 3. The operating personnel fill in the records in time according to the inspection. 4. Must always keep the site clean, so that there is no debris, no accumulation of dust, no water, no grease. For details, please visit: http:// Edit: (Hardware Business Network Information Center)

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