Xiangli Group's Friendship, Xiangli Redwood New Products Debut in Beijing

On June 27th, at the China International Light Industry Consumer Goods Fair 2014, the two major mahogany brands of the Xiangli Group, Friendship Group, and Jiali, brought their new mahogany furniture to the home, and held a grand ceremony on the 28th. Tasting Tasting·Fashion Chinese-style mahogany home” tasting. The exhibits are carefully designed and carefully selected. Appreciated by various experts and praised by Beijing's mahogany enthusiasts, it set off a wave of redwood tasting. It is reported that the Xiangli Group has brought together two of its two major mahogany brands, Friendship, Home, and Xiangli. The exhibits have new products, such as Jiangnan, the most popular products: Danfeng Chengxiang Suites and dining tables. A market-tested classic counterfeit. It is understood that the Xiangfeng Group's Danfeng Chengxiang Suite series is a high-end antique product, which is made of Laos red rosewood. The products are designed to be stable, magnificent and decorative. In the production, the product structure is rigorous, the material is thick; in the design of the pattern, the product uses a large number of phoenix peony patterns, which symbolizes peace and happiness, meaning rich and frequent. Chen Baoguang, vice chairman of the China Furniture Association, gave a superb comment on the works of Xiangli Group, saying that it is also a "difficult mahogany product" in the mahogany industry. This time, Xiangli Group participated in the exhibition of “small but complete,” and the variety of products from the living room to the bedroom suite; from the restaurant table to the study desk, the Bogu frame and the tea room tea table, etc. . Among them, the exhibits also participated in many market discussions and combined with consumer opinions, and a number of first-line designers carefully designed the products, which is in line with the aesthetics and needs of modern people, and belongs to the products and products in the bottle. The 32-year-old Hongmu Group of Xiangli Group represents the highest level of contemporary Chinese mahogany furniture and is also the best-selling best seller in the market. At the tasting, Xiangli Group not only made many mahogany lovers deeply understand that a good set of mahogany products was very difficult, but also once again let the world witness the noble quality and craftsmanship of the products of Xiangli Group. It is understood that Union United is not only the leading enterprise of Chinese mahogany furniture, Chinese mahogany furniture culture inheritance enterprise, but also the main drafting unit of the national mahogany material standard "General technical conditions of mahogany furniture" and the main drafting unit of "Dark precious wood furniture" The country's only authorized "China Chinese classical furniture development center."

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