Children's furniture standards will be introduced, leading to a rise in children's furniture prices

From August 1st, the first mandatory national standard for children's furniture will be officially implemented. The standard will impose strict rules on the environmental and safety performance of children's furniture, and non-compliant products will be cleared. Children's furniture manufacturers in many large home stores in Shenyang are promoting, but they all have nothing to do with the "national standard" for children's furniture. The insiders reminded the public that the purchase of children's furniture should not be blind, not only the price to buy, but domestic children's furniture will face an industry "shuffle" for most "impurity". "National Standard": The cabinet must be ventilated and the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" will be implemented. It is the first furniture standard for children from 3 to 14 years old. It is a national compulsory standard. It fills the children's furniture products at home and abroad. Blanks for quality requirements and testing methods. The national standard focuses on the safety and environmental protection of children's furniture. The regulations on heavy metals and free formaldehyde are more stringent, and the closed furniture of cabinets must have a venting function. In addition, the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" is not qualified. It also focuses on the structural installation of children's furniture and the safety warning signs: the product should not have dangerous sharp edges and sharp edges and corners. A person in charge of the Provincial Furniture Association said that many of the regulations in the new regulations are very specific and will completely have a new requirement for the industry. Especially for consumers, it is indeed a good thing. After all, children are special people, most parents. The purchase of children's furniture is not very well understood, this time the country helps to check. Shopping mall: Children's furniture is busy discounted yesterday. The reporter visited some home stores in Shencheng to understand that many children's furniture brands are selling at a discount, and the discount is relatively strong. The explanation for this merchant is discounted for the company's unified promotion behavior, and the “national standard” is introduced. Nothing. In a large furniture store in North Second Road, Tiexi District, the reporter found that almost every children's furniture brand is selling at a discount. Immediately, the reporter visited Walker, the White House, and more love, I love my family, and my brother. Many children's furniture brands such as Lumpini found that these merchants offered discounts of six to eight percent, and the price was really attractive. “We are a well-known youth furniture brand in China, and now enjoy a 25% discount.” In a children's furniture brand store on the fourth floor of the store, the sales staff introduced the reporter. In another children's furniture brand store, a children's bed original price of 3,195 yuan, a salesperson introduced, usually enjoy 10% off, July 10 activities, you can enjoy a 30% discount. For these discounted sales shops, the reporters asked the store sales staff whether they were related to the upcoming “national standard”. These merchants clearly stated that their discounted sales of furniture in the store had nothing to do with the “national standard”. When the reporter asked whether the furniture must also meet the new regulations, most merchants did not indicate that they met the new rules. The merchants only repeatedly emphasized that their products were absolutely "qualified." "Now it must be the goods to be sold, otherwise the mall will not allow us to sell." Industry: The price will be high, "General technical conditions for children's furniture" will be implemented from August 1st, for the price of Shencheng children's furniture market The reporter went to a number of domestic and foreign children's furniture brand stores. Some merchants said that after the introduction of the “national standard”, due to the further improvement of the testing standards, the approval of the children's furniture products that are qualified for monitoring is more authoritative; The new regulations require that costs will increase, so price increases are possible. “In the future, children’s homes may have a price increase,” said a salesperson in a domestic children’s furniture brand store in Red Star’s Meikailong Tiexi store. Now there is no special technical standard for children’s furniture. The monitoring of goods is more professional, and citizens will be more assured to buy. Faced with the discount sales of some brands of children's furniture, the industry reminded the public that the purchase of children's furniture should not be blind, not only to see the price to buy, but domestic children's furniture will face an industry "shuffle" for most "impurity". Wang Peng, an industry insider who has been engaged in furniture production for many years, told reporters that the new standards for children's furniture to be implemented clearly stipulate that children's furniture is suitable for furniture products designed or intended for children aged 3-14, and now many children's furniture brands are the mainstays. It is "youth" and looks the same. However, in fact, these two age groups are completely inconsistent, and the applicable testing standards are definitely different. Then, after the implementation of the new regulations, these furniture will definitely face repositioning or stop production due to the inability to meet the standards, which will also become a “shuffle” in the industry.

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