Guangdong furniture has not been affected by the big environment, and exports hit a new high in November.

According to Guangzhou Customs statistics, from January to November 2009, Guangdong exported a total of 8.81 billion US dollars of furniture and parts, down 5.9% over the same period last year. However, customs data shows that Guangdong's furniture exports hit a record high in November. Statistics show that from January to November this year, Guangdong exported 6.18 billion US dollars of furniture by general trade, an increase of 4.8%, accounting for 70.1% of the total value of Guangdong's furniture exports during the same period. In the same period, processing trade exports were 2.42 billion. The dollar fell by 25%, accounting for 27.5%. It is worth noting that since the furniture export tax rebate increased to 15% in June this year, the scale of Guangdong furniture exports has steadily expanded. In November, the export rebounded strongly, reaching US$1.02 billion, up 13.7% year-on-year. 16.1%, single-month exports hit a record high. Customs analysis believes that Guangdong's furniture exports rebounded strongly, mainly because the country's furniture export tax rebate increased to 15% in June this year, the role of stimulation of exports is obvious; second, the external demand recovery signs are obvious. It is noteworthy that international trade barriers against Chinese furniture exports are still emerging. The technical barriers frequently introduced by countries such as Europe and the United States are increasingly restricting the export of furniture in Guangdong. Since the beginning of this year, the United States has issued a number of regulations, which will not only significantly increase the export cost of Guangdong furniture enterprises to the United States, but also be easily imitated and abused by other countries. The external pressure on furniture exports will increase significantly. Relevant experts suggest that furniture companies should be guided and encouraged to optimize the structure of export products and explore emerging markets, establish their own overseas sales channels, reduce their reliance on European and American markets, increase the design and technological innovation of furniture products, and target the consumption of major markets. The actual situation of decline, the development of new products for market demand; guide the furniture industry to establish a modern management system, pay attention to the renewable recycling in the furniture production process, and actively adapt to the regulatory changes in the major export markets.

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