E-commerce has sprung up in the office furniture market "fighting" network marketing

In recent years, the office furniture market has begun to switch to online marketing. This is not surprising. In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce and the development of the logistics industry, online shopping is becoming a fashion trend. For most otaku housewives, you can enjoy shopping without leaving home, and you can also find affordable products. Online shopping has already become a part of life. Therefore, the development of e-commerce in the office furniture industry is a very wise choice. When people asked why the office furniture wholesale industry would choose e-commerce, a person in charge said that there are several reasons for choosing e-commerce: First, e-commerce has broad environmental advantages. People can trade online anytime, anywhere without the restrictions of time, space and traditional shopping. Second, the mobile Internet market is broader. A merchant can face consumers around the world, and a consumer can also shop at any merchant in the world. Third, e-commerce can flow faster and have the lowest price. E-commerce reduces the intermediate links of commodity circulation, saves a lot of expenses, and thus greatly reduces the cost of goods circulation and transactions. Fourth, e-commerce is more in line with the requirements of the times. Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing fashion, paying attention to personality and paying attention to the shopping environment. Online shopping can better reflect the personalized shopping process. Especially with the increasing influence of modern networks on people's lives, e-commerce almost extends its reach to people's private life. If there is an e-commerce platform on the Internet, it is equivalent to opening the store in the customer's bedroom. . This absolute possession of the terminal market will undoubtedly greatly stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and the transaction probability will be greatly improved. The marketing objects of the office furniture wholesale market are often unit groups and institutions. Therefore, the consistent marketing method of office furniture is the salesman's door-to-door sales, but with the accelerated pace of modern life and the inevitable trend of the information age, purchasing or selecting office furniture products. When you are, you will definitely go to the network to understand the situation, and then consider the purchase from the price point of view. The network is an important information window in people's lives. Coupled with the multimedia and interactive features of the network, office furniture products can be displayed on multiple sides and from multiple angles. Therefore, the network publicity means will become the future sales of office furniture. Main position. According to incomplete statistics, the online shopping online shopping market reached 15 billion yuan last year and will continue to maintain rapid growth this year. Compared to the emergence of online sales, the sales of physical stores are getting more and more difficult. It can be seen that the transformation of the traditional business model into the Internet has become a general trend.

PPO plastics (MPPO)

(polyphenyl ether)

English name: poly(phenylene oxide)

Weight: 1.07 g/cm3 molding shrinkage rate: 0.3 0.8% molding temperature: 260-290 ℃ drying conditions: 130 ℃ for 4 hours

Material performance 1, for white particles.The comprehensive performance is good, PPO plastics can be used in 120 degree steam, electric insulation is good, absorb water is small, but have stress crack tendency.Modified polyphenyl ether can eliminate stress cracking. 

2. Excellent electrical insulation and water resistance, good dimensional stability.Its dielectric properties are the first in plastic. 

3. PPO plastics has mixed the modified materials for PPO plastics and HIPS, and the materials on the market are now made of this material. 

4. High heat resistance, 211 degrees of vitrification temperature, 268 degrees of melting point, and the decomposition tendency of heating to 330 degrees. The higher the PPO plastics's content, the better the heat resistance, and the heat deformation temperature can reach 190 degrees. 

5. Good flame retardancy, self-interest, and with HIPS mixed with moderate flammability.Light and non-toxic can be used in food and medicine industry.The resistance to rotation is poor, and the use of long time in the sun will change color. 

6. PPO plastics can be combined with ABS plastics ,HDPE plastics,PPS plastics ,PA plastics, HIPS plastics, Glass Fiber, etc.1. Suitable for heat resistant parts, insulation parts, wear resistant parts, transmission parts, medical and electronic parts. 

2. The parts can be used in high temperature, such as gears, blades and valves, which can be used for stainless steel.

3. Make screws, fasteners and fittings.

4. Electrical components of motor, rotor, casing and transformer.

1. Non-crystalline material, small moisture absorption.

2. The fluidity difference is similar to Newton's fluid, the viscosity is sensitive to the temperature, the product thickness is generally more than 0.8mm.It is very easy to break down and decompose into corrosive gases.The molding temperature should be strictly controlled, the mould should be heated and the flow resistance should be small.

3, Polyphenylene oxide, bibulous rate is about 0.06% less, but traces of water will lead to product surface not smooth phenomenon such as silver, it is best for dry processing, temperature is not higher than 150 degrees, otherwise the color will change.

4. The forming temperature of polyphenyl ether was 280-330 degrees, and the forming temperature of modified polyphenylene ether was 260-285 degrees.

Sheet specification: thickness from 2mm- 120mm, specification 600* 1200mm, other color and specification can be customized

Bar specification: diameter from 10mm- 200mm, length 1000mm, other color and specification can be customized.

PPO Plastic rod

PPO Plastic Sheet

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