Four-dimensional space sliding door sliding door design appreciation of the sliding door maintenance

Sliding doors because of its unique style of the door has been liked by many young people, sliding door patterns can be fitted according to their own preferences and a variety of different patterns, in the latest four-dimensional space in the door you can find a variety of what you like The sliding door pattern and sliding door style, sliding doors can definitely make your home interior environment full of warmth and mystery. In the case of ordinary interior doors unable to reach a variety of decorative effects, choose a sliding door that can carry out a variety of design patterns is absolutely the best choice for interior decoration doors.

With the improvement and improvement of people's living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the effect of interior decoration. Various different decoration styles and various different styles of furniture make the interior more distinctive. Many friends here are often guilty of difficulties. The interior decoration environment is very good. The only thing missing is the door. Only the security door can be used for the entrance door, and the interior door or partition can be used to decorate other doors. Therefore, the sliding door has become a consumer's choice. The superb decorative function of the sliding door is matched with various sliding door designs, which can definitely make the interior decoration more beautiful.

However, we should also pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of sliding doors when using sliding doors.

Sliding door maintenance

1, the maintenance of the pulley. The pulley is the soul of the entire inner door. It has a small body and a serious effect. One or two drops of smooth oil every six months or so can maintain its smoothness. The sliding door of the sliding door is divided into upper and lower wheels. The brand sliding doors on the market are: "Fuluo" and "Ginger" sliding door and the upper and lower wheels are all sliding with needle roller bearing, no need to add smooth oil, just pay attention to cleaning debris. If it is an ordinary brand or no-name brand and the pulley is an ordinary bearing or rubber wheel, it is necessary to add a smooth oil to its sliding part every six months.

2, track maintenance. Adhere to the cleanliness of the track, to avoid foreign matter, if there is debris and dust, brush can be used for liquidation, dust accumulation in the slot and door seal tops can be sucked by a vacuum cleaner.

3, the maintenance of the sliding door. To prevent gravity from hitting the door body, it is forbidden to damage the sliding door and track by a sharp device or gravity to form an obstacle; if the door body or the frame body is damaged, please contact the manufacturer or ask a professional maintenance worker to stop the repair.

4. Adhere to the good operational performance of sliding doors. Sliding doors may seem simple, but there are still many structures and accessories. It is very important to remove the track and other aspects of the maintenance, seal tops and glass seals are key structures to ensure that the door seals, insulation and sound insulation, if there is a patch to timely repair , change, so as to play the best effect of dust, collision, noise, insulation.

The current use of materials in the current market for the sale of sliding doors are solid wood sliding doors, log sliding doors, glass sliding doors, stainless steel sliding doors, steel-wood sliding doors, and metal sliding doors. These different material sliding doors can be decorated with different sliding door patterns. What style do you like to move on the door to attach what style of pattern.

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