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Do you know McDonnell flooring? McDonnell Flooring is a professional flooring production base established by the United States HSU International Group and Yilida Furniture Company. McDonnell Flooring is a joint venture between China and the United States. It has solid wood floors, classical floors, engineered wood flooring, and high-tech waterproof multi-layer solid wood flooring and other products. The floor has first-rate manufacturing technology and complete equipment. A variety of products are protected by the State Intellectual Property Office and 50 percent of the products are exported to foreign markets. Today, we will teach you about the McDonnell flooring and how to buy McDonnell flooring .

First, to buy wood flooring, we must first pay attention to the brand. Because brand companies have a perfect quality control system, products that are put on the market are all products that have undergone stringent testing, and product quality and environmental protection are guaranteed; brand companies pay more attention to service and have a perfect after-sales service guarantee system in case you purchase The product has a quality problem that can be easily resolved with just one phone call. Can not only focus on price, light brand, light service, because manufacturers should have a certain profit margins, in order to better serve consumers. Otherwise it will regret it. McDonnell Floor promised to receive user complaints, the average user within 24 hours, the project user within 48 hours of on-site service to solve the problem and allow users 100% satisfaction.

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Second, we must rationally look at the color difference of solid wood flooring. Because the wooden floor is made of natural wood. Therefore, with the natural characteristics of the wood, the floor will have a color difference, the color difference of consumers on the wooden floor does not have to be too demanding, the color difference is not a product quality problem, can be properly deployed in the paving process, so that the color difference becomes more natural. Generally good products pay more attention to the natural qualities of the floor, and the wood grain is very clear. Even if it is colored, the wood grain is very clear. If the texture of the floor is blurred, it is often a poor quality floor (such as cracking, decay, dead ends, etc. Insects, etc.) are dyed and shoddy to deceive consumers. It is recommended not to buy such flooring.

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Third, we must rationally look at the deformation of solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring is made from natural wood and therefore has the natural characteristics of wood. The swelling and shrinkage of wood can not be avoided. In use, it will have a tendency to swell or shrunk as the temperature and humidity of the air changes, which is not directly related to the quality of the floor. And the stability of various flooring materials is different. Under the same climatic conditions, the swelling or shrinkage appears different. In addition, consumers should pay attention to reasonable maintenance during use. We should try our best to choose floorings made of tree species that have a good rate of expansion or shrinkage. Such as disc beans, Pontianaki wood, teak, longan, ash, Chinese fir, maple, brown acacia, etc. are better stability of the tree species.

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Fourth, purchase a product that has a production license and is certified by a government agency or other agency. The country implements a production license system for the wood flooring industry, and enterprises without a production license are not allowed to produce or sell. And the quality management system certification is ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, because companies that have production licenses and quality management system certifications have perfect production equipment and inspection equipment (including environmental protection testing) and related quality control standards, thus ensuring the Product quality and environmental protection requirements, the easiest way for consumers to identify the authenticity is to use the certificate number provided by the manufacturer to search the Internet, and the number and the name of the manufacturer can be assured.

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Fifth, when choosing a floor, you can't just pay attention to the style, choose a floor that is too long and wide, because the floor that is too long and wide can easily be deformed. Fourth, be careful when buying wood flooring name fraud, because more manufacturers currently abuse the name of the wood, in order to confuse consumers with fraudulent, shoddy. What's more, there will be cracks, rot, dead knots, insects and other quality problems on the surface of the floor after a layer of veneer, which acts as solid wood flooring sales, wheat floor floor reminded to guard against.

The price of McDonnell flooring depends on the amount of material and precision used by the manufacturer's floor. Therefore, the prices of different types of McDonnell flooring will vary. For example, some high-profile McDonnell flooring will have different prices. The price will naturally be higher, because some of the advertising costs it needs will be more, then basically the price of McDonnell flooring is about 100 per square meter.

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