Abnormal pump fault

The value of the butter pump is mainly reflected in the pump under the action of high pressure oil produced under the action of high pressure oiling, the characteristics of such products is safe and reliable, low air consumption, high working pressure, easy to use, High production efficiency, low labor intensity, can add a variety of lithium-based grease, butter and other viscous oil. For cars, bearings, tractors and other power machinery filling butter operations. The butter pump is an indispensable oiling equipment in life, and the help provided to us in life is great. As the number of people who use the butter pump is more and more, we will introduce the abnormal failure of the butter pump. 1, electric butter pump pressure shortage: safety valve adjustment value is too low. Safety valve poppet stuck or worn. Loose fittings or seals causing leaks. Pressure gauge malfunction caused by distortion of the pressure response. 2, electric butter pump oil spills. Oil pump out of the oil, hand pumps, putter and other parts often due to gasket damage, loose, damaged seals and other reasons and the emergence of oil spills or leaks. 3, electric butter pump not oil. Plunger with excessive wear and tear gap, the plunger or spring breakage, leakage caused by insufficient flow, the oil temperature is too low cause oil-absorbing difficulties, the oil temperature caused by the volumetric efficiency is too low, the hydraulic pressure is too low, the pump suction empty. High pressure pump suction or no high pressure oil discharge. China's butter pump has more than 50 years of history, our products are highly user-friendly, efficient, and have a high life expectancy. As butter pumps are sold all over the world, accelerating the development of butter pumps has become the focus of many researchers. Believe that in such a vast market, the development of China's butter pump will go further.

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