New progress in the research on hydrogen electrode materials for electrolysis of water

Recently, researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China have developed a one-step synthesis technique and successfully achieved “chemical grafting” of cobalt selenide and molybdenum disulfide materials, and developed a water-reducing high-efficiency composite catalyst with hydrogen evolution properties close to that of precious metal platinum.
Hydrogen plays an important role in the development of wind energy and solar energy renewable energy. Water is an important source of hydrogen. Therefore, hydrogen production from electrolyzed water is the only way for sustainable development.
However, in the process of hydrogen production by electrolysis of water, in order to increase the reaction rate and reduce the power loss, it is necessary to use noble metals such as platinum, rhodium oxide, and ruthenium oxide.
However, the precious metals are expensive and limit the scale development of the electrolytic water industry. Therefore, this research result is expected to reduce or even eliminate the use of precious metals such as platinum, reducing the cost of electrolytic water industry.

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