Embedded bathtub how to install embedded bathtub installation steps

In the bathroom, build a floor above the ground and insert the bathtub into it, which is the built-in bathtub . This embedded bathtub is nice and generous, suitable for a large area of ​​bathroom space, small-sized bathroom is not applicable Oh! The construction process of the embedded bathtub is more complicated, and the floor needs to be raised, and the position of the bathtub is reserved in advance and the water is put in and out. However, this will be limited by the housing structure and it will require bricklaying. Therefore, not every family can enjoy this type of bathing environment. Today, we specifically talk about embedded bathtubs .

What is an embedded bathtub

The embedded bathtub in a broad sense refers to a bathtub that is mounted on the ground or other objects when installed. The embedded bathtub is also divided into a wall-embedded bathtub, which is the traditional bathtub we refer to, and it needs to be set up; the central-embedded bathtub is a bathtub that does not rely on a wall and is embedded in the ground, and is installed on the bathroom floor after installation. It is like a mini swimming pool. The biggest difference between it and ordinary bathtub is that it does not need to set up or even skirt, and its unique effect.

The embedded bathtub is a surprising design concept. The luxurious life is redefined by the small bathtub. The sensation of sinking is most likely to be completely relaxed, and the luxurious life is redefined by the little bathtub. The embedded bathtub design will make the small bathroom more spacious and bright. Today, the embedded bathtub on the ground gradually into our lives and become a trend.

Embedded bathtub installation method

1. Preparation

We must choose the suitable bathtub according to the size of the bathroom in advance, and do not look back to see what looks good. Second, we must pay attention to leaving other vacancies in the bathroom so that we can place other furniture in the future. Finally, we are ready to install the necessary wrenches, wire, bricks and tiles for the embedded bathtub.

2, method steps

The embedded bathtub installation must take into account factors such as load-bearing, waterproof, maintenance, aesthetics, and performance. Most of them are at one end of the bathroom. Specific steps:

(1) After the pipeline is completed, make up the grooved area to make waterproof. The 24-hour storage test ensures no leakage.

(2) We first set up a contour with brick and cement, and we like to attach ceramic tile to the outside of the skirt. The outline also uses a tile to build a platform.

(3), use a foam pad to fill the bathtub, bath height is generally less than 600mm. Get up and down the water and keep it open. Then plaster the wall with a foam brick. Pay attention to leave the manhole in the corresponding position of the water pipe, about 250x300mm.

(4) Next, wait until the cement is dry. After the stability, we will connect the embedded bathtub sewer pipe. The point-to-point card can be snapped into the previously built outline.

(5) What kind of materials can be used on the table, you can use the same style of wall tiles, mosaic, artificial stone, marble, stainless steel, etc., depending on your favorite style.

(6) The glass glue on the wall of the embedded bathtub installed on the wall can effectively prevent the bottom from being wet and can effectively prolong the service life of the bathtub.

Installation embedded bathtub notes

1. The short walls or ribs around the bathtub must have sufficient support, and the surrounding sand should be compacted and compacted;

2. Do not support the bottom of the bathtub with bricks or other hard objects to avoid glazed damage during use.

3, the bottom of the bathtub and the four surrounding corners should be in contact with the entire force evenly;

4. Pay attention to the tight connection between the overflow pipe and the drain pipe.

5, put the bathtub before the first well under the water accessories, and do 24-hour water closure test to see if the joints are leaking;

6. When placing the bathtub, note that the end of the outlet is slightly lower than the other end. The outer end should be slightly lower than the inner end;

7, the actual size of the bathtub may have errors with the nominal size, this must pay attention. Measure on-site when purchasing and installing;

8, the water pipe is preferably slightly inverted s-type, this can prevent back smell.

Edit reminder:

Ordinary embedded bathtub maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the overall removal of the bathtub from the table can be overhauled. The built-in Jacuzzi must be provided with an access opening when it is plastered with marble or tiles for future maintenance. The size of the general access port is 250mm x 300mm. For aesthetic reasons, the same marble or tile can be glued to the access port.

The above is the full content of the embedded bathtub , I hope to help you, more decoration information, all in this site, so stay tuned.

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