U.S. withdraws security complaint about furniture fabrics in mainland China

On July 20th, the National Textile Association of the United States filed Article 421 to protect the fabrics of furniture fabrics and furniture from the Chinese mainland, but it was quickly withdrawn. The association seems to have withdrawn its appeal for technical reasons and will raise it again in the future. According to Article 421, the US International Trade Commission must determine whether the number of certain products imported into the United States from the Mainland has increased significantly, which may or may interfere with the market and damage the US domestic industry. If the committee decides that the imported product causes interference and damage, it will recommend remedial measures and the president can decide whether to implement it. Among the complaints that have been withdrawn, the National Textile Association advocates a 125% tariff on the chenille furniture fabric, and the other fabrics involved in the complaint are subject to a 75% tariff. If the complaint is established, these tariffs will continue to be implemented until December 11, 2013, when Article 421 expires. The US International Trade Commission is required to make a preliminary ruling within 60 days of receiving a complaint and recommend remedies. The case will then be referred to the US Trade Representative Office for further discussion and recommendations. The office must be completed within 55 days of receiving the committee's recommendations. The President will make a final decision within 15 days of receiving the advice of the Trade Representative, and the President may follow the advice of the Trade Representative or decide not to take any action.

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