The real design is sometimes outside the design

Recalling seen furniture exhibition, think about it, often gave me the deepest impression was not the Furniture Fair itself, remember that a senior said, Furniture see not only the furniture, more important is the cultural experience behind them For what reason, there is such a design. Only in this way can we understand the design behind the design from a deeper level. Indeed, the real design is sometimes outside the design.

Germany has always been a country that people are yearning for. German conscientiously, German principle, the German order, the German consciousness, German vision ...... many German companies have a very outstanding design, while very distinguished level of quality, such as Ke Aike Companies, Melita, Siemens, and more. The design and quality of German car companies are world famous. BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen are world-famous, not only because of the beauty of the car, but also because of the high degree of rational aesthetics. These factors contribute to the solid face of German design: rational, high quality, reliable, functional, and at the same time too pure and a little indifferent.

However, for the furniture, the German furniture brand that was realized at the Cologne exhibition, in addition to the function, quality and practicality, has no cold features. On the contrary, German furniture brands are more cozy and natural compared to Italian brands, and these characteristics are closely related to the German concept of environmental protection. When I first arrived in Frankfurt, I noticed that no matter whether it is an office building or a building exterior wall of a residential building, it is rare to see that air conditioning is installed.

Although Germany is a country with advanced technology and advanced household appliances, residents generally believe that air conditioners have two characteristics. Although they can cool and heat, they can also pollute the air and the environment. Compared with the two, Germans would rather endure the heat. There is no need to create a polluting air conditioner. It can be seen that the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the Germans. The culture of this environmental concept is also reflected in the design of German furniture brands.

During World War II, 85 percent of Germany’s towns, villages, roads and forests were severely damaged. However, in order to maintain the ecological balance, the Germans used artificial planting to restore the original greenery. Nowadays, large forests and grasslands have been scattered all over the country. Germany is one of the few forests in the world that has exceeded the total area of ​​the country. More than 30 countries. The German furniture brand at the Cologne exhibition, the practical, simple, natural, unpretentious, introverted and rigorous design also expresses the German love of nature. Today's "Made in Germany" is a guarantee of quality, long-lasting and world-renowned. But in fact, the course of "Made in Germany" has not been smooth.

After World War II, the United Kingdom was an important importer of German goods. In order to distinguish between low-end German goods and high-end British goods, the United Kingdom insisted that Germans should indicate the words "Made in Germany" on their products. "It is a punishment with an insulting color." Today, decades later, the quality of goods printed with "Made in Germany" represents the world's best, and it is not sold in the market. Now "Made in Germany" has become synonymous with quality and credibility in the world. There are many reasons for the change in the status of “Made in Germany”: a rigorous recall system, a sound management system, an indispensable certification body, the education level of the Chinese people, and the government’s vigorous promotion.

This can not help but remind people of today's "Made in China", the same as the low-end goods, the "Made in Germany" of the cottage products; can not help but think of the future of "Made in China" can still be expected, but in this full of tainted milk powder With the era of waste oil, this requires a process. Our road is indeed very long.

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