What is the size of the child door stainless steel door

In the case of large door openings, ordinary doors cannot satisfy the practicality and aesthetics of the entire building. At this time, the mother-in-law door will be used. Not only will the entire building appear to be more hierarchical, but also it will be convenient for the user. In and out. We can easily discover through the picture of the mother-and-son door that the name is still very image, mainly because this is a relatively large door, and there is a relatively small door in it. Therefore, such a name is particularly appropriate. Then we chose such a door among the entire renovation process. The most important thing is because such a door is particularly convenient. We usually choose to open the door when we move things. In daily life, it is only when we pass. Use a small door.

The letter door is a special two-door leaf split door, which is composed of a door leaf with a smaller width (sub-door) and a door leaf with a larger width (mother door); generally when the door opening is relatively large compared to the width of an ordinary door, For the overall appearance of the door, the door leaf is designed in large and small letters. The stainless steel mother door is made of stainless steel material and the stainless steel mother door is also one of the best female mother doors currently sold. The following small series will give you a brief introduction to the knowledge of the stainless steel door.

Usually, when the width of the door opening is large, the door leaf is designed to be larger and smaller in order to achieve the overall appearance of the door. When the door width of the demand design is larger than the normal single door width (800~1000mm), but less than the total width of the double door (2000~4000mm), the sub-mother door can be used. In this way, normally open the door and close, you do not need to push too much of a door; or half of the double doors are too inconvenient to pass. When the demand passes through large items such as furniture, it can be turned open.

Many friends are particularly concerned about the size of the sub-cabin door after touching the mother-in-law door. Since the sub-mother door is a double door and window door, the size of the door and window has a specific size request. If two doors and windows are designed to be the same size, then perhaps Do not call the mother-in-law, but Xiao Bian's result is contrary to expectations. After consulting the relevant information, the mother door is not compliant with the specifications. According to the market's common specifications, the waste specification is usually 1200mm wide by 2060mm. It is an ordinary security door specification. If the door is opened separately, the length and width dimensions should be increased. 3 It is advisable to use more than three centimeters and five centimeters. This way, it is impossible to install the device by preventing errors in the reserved dimensions. The second is to leave room for fixing and adjustment.

Experienced decorators said that when designing the door, the height can be designed to 2.1 meters and the width can be controlled below 1.35 meters. Otherwise, exceeding this size will affect the visual appearance of the door, giving the door open. feel!

If a friend wants to make a sub-mother door, there are a large number of beautiful sub-mother model downloads on the Internet. For your reference, it has now been developed from the original 2D model to a 3D model, allowing you to appreciate and study through a three-dimensional feeling. The female and female door models and their specific construction components can help you to master the production specifications of the female and female doors. In order to produce a more beautiful mother and daughter door.


Summary: If our house is large enough, then choosing a sub-mother door will definitely make the whole decoration more upscale, especially if some living rooms are large and the floor space is relatively high, choosing such a sub-mother door will definitely become a decoration. The crowning touch in the book makes our entire decoration look more stylish.

to sum up

Stainless steel door picture

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