What are the reasons for the hydraulic lift not lifting?

What are the reasons for the hydraulic lift not lifting?
Hydraulic elevators have a wide range of applications in the field of aerial work, and can be seen in the high-altitude operations such as outdoor decoration, shopping mall decoration, and street lighting maintenance. Jinan Wensheng Elevator Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of hydraulic lifts and Aluminum alloys. The manufacturing company of the lifting platform came to explain to everyone the annoying problems in the operation process. What are the reasons for the hydraulic lift not to rise?

One reason: the wrong voltage, hydraulic lift rated working voltage 220v and 380v, customers in the use and purchase process must be well understood to prevent the wrong voltage, this will not only lead to hydraulic lift can not normally lift, but also lead to Hydraulic lift line burned out.

The second reason is that the failure of the electronic control switch and the frequency of the electronic control switch are relatively high. This is a place that is relatively prone to problems. If the electronic control switch is damaged during use, it must be repaired or replaced to avoid affecting the working efficiency.

Reason 3: Equipment short circuit or component damage. At this time, we must do a good job of reporting, and report the fault to relevant departments or manufacturers in a timely manner. We must do a good job of repairing the fault to prevent it.

There are security risks.

To sum up, hydraulic lifts will inevitably fail during use. When problems arise, they should be able to prescribe the right medicines and make correct solutions to the problems. The easiest way is to promptly report the faults to the manufacturer and let its technicians timely. Do a good job of maintenance.

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