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Many modern urban people choose the kitchen to move the door. The kitchen sliding door not only plays the role of insulating fumes, but also looks beautiful. For a friend who wants to change the kitchen sliding door, it is very important to understand the size of the kitchen sliding door. Then let Xiaobian introduce the relevant knowledge of the kitchen sliding door size and share the effect of the kitchen sliding door.

Kitchen sliding door size

Kitchen sliding door design is only a relatively high degree of mastery. In terms of width and number of doors, it requires reasonable design and customization. Modern home space commonly used sliding door conventional size width: 600-900mm, height: 1900-2400mm. The sliding door thickness is: large push and pull 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, most are 100mm; small push and pull 50mm, 40mm, 35mm, most of 40mm. This is the current size of conventional kitchen sliding doors. In the actual kitchen renovation, the size of the kitchen sliding door varies with the specific circumstances.

Kitchen sliding door effect chart

Kitchen sliding doors are generally made of titanium-magnesium alloy materials (many of which are made of silicon-magnesium-aluminum alloy materials), and their glass counterparts are transparent, translucent, enclosed, and hollow. For spacing, it is generally better to have a closed type and the height is slightly higher than the horizontal line of sight of a person. For the horns, hollow styles can be used, which are lively and lively. If it is used to block people's sight, it is best to make the screen into a ninety-degree right angle form. Different seasons can also choose different textures, different colors, can make the room look fresh and cool.

Kitchen sliding door effect chart

Kitchen sliding door effect chart

Kitchen sliding door effect chart

After reading the contents of the kitchen sliding door size and kitchen sliding door renderings shared by the above Xiao Bian, I believe that you are all excited and want to change the small home into a stylish and practical kitchen sliding door. It's better than action, and we would like everyone to buy a satisfactory kitchen sliding door!

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