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The gate is the guardian of the family. A good security door can not only protect family property, but also make people feel more at ease. Therefore, the security door has been rapidly developed in the modern era. Among the numerous anti-theft door brands, the step-by-step security door is definitely one of the "fighters." How about Yangyang security door? What is the price list of Baoyang security door ? As an old brand, Baoyang anti-theft door is low in price, good in quality, and cost-effective. It protects homes for thousands of families and is therefore highly favored by consumers. How to prevent the price of step-by-step security doors has become the focus of many people, especially the rapid development of the home improvement industry today. Understanding the price of Yangyang security door has a lot to improve the quality of decoration. Here I bring you a step-by-step security door price list for everyone to refer to!

How to step Yang security door

(A) how to step Yang security door

Founded in 1992, Step Yang Group has been developing from time to time over a period of more than ten years and it constitutes the five pillar industries of Buyang Door Industry, Buyang Car Industry, Buyang Real Estate, Buyang Auto Parts, and Buyang Logistics. The Group currently has 450,000 square meters of airspace, more than 5,000 employees, 11 international advanced modern consumer lines, eight modern consumer lines, and three auto parts consumption lines, which constitute an annual output of 3.5 million units. The consumption capacity of the door, 2 million electric leisure vehicles and 2.3 million wheels.

A few days ago, in the north block of the Buyang Industrial Park, a double-storey steel building with an area of ​​53,000 square meters and a building area of ​​80,000 square meters emerged quietly. The construction workers were busy with the final settlement. It is reported that this modern factory building will be used for safe door consumption. So far, the total volume of the aerial product of the Buyang Industrial Park has reached 500,000 square meters, and the factory area for the consumption of the safe gate has occupied 350,000 square meters. The Buyang Industrial Park will become Asia’s largest safe door consumption base. The step-by-step security door produced by such an excellent step-yang group is not good! After more than 20 years of development, Yang Group has pushed many of its brands to the most influential height in China. Security doors have also become one of the ten brands of security doors.


(II) Advantages of Yangyang Security Door

The advantage of the security door over other types of doors is its anti-theft performance and safety performance. The security door is strong and durable. The material's characteristics also enable it to have a gorgeous color, plus a pattern ornament, etc., revealing a splendid luxury.

The key to security doors is the keys and locks. Qualified security doors generally use anti-theft locks that are qualified by the public security department. It is divided into two levels. Good security doors generally use Class B locks. Class B locks are The destructive opening time is not less than 30 minutes and the technical opening time is not less than 5 minutes. It is understood that the qualified security door locks generally use three-position locks.


Yangyang security door price list, we can refer to the following:

Step Yang BY-S-05 classical door in the door 1980.00 yuan

Step Yang BY-S-38 into Baomen 2100.00 yuan

Step Yang BY-S-29 Gifford door 2206.00 yuan

Bu Yang BY-S-39 Fu Fu Men 3800.00 Yuan

Step Yang BY-S-23 new division champion (skin) security door 2020.00 yuan

BUYANG BY-S-31 Concentric Door&nnbsp; 1900.00 RMB

Step Yang BY-S-30 Jixing Gate 1916.00 yuan

Step Yang BY-S-25 Kiki door 1900.00 yuan

Step Yang BY-S-19 Crown Gate 2000.00 yuan

Step Yang BY-S-27 Kyrgyzstan door 2000.00 yuan

Step Yang BY-S-37 hi many door 1800.00 yuan

The step Yang BY-S-32 Xilaimen 1900.00 yuan

Step Yang BY-S-10 champion door 1900.00 yuan

Step Yang BY-S-3 Xichun Gate 2000.00 yuan

Step Yang BY-S-08 round European open door 2100.00 yuan

Yang step 18 bachelor security door 1980.00 yuan

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different, if you need to know more price details, please provide the local dealer!

Editor's summary: The above is the price list of Baoyang anti-theft door, how to introduce the security door, and hope to help friends who have this requirement! For more information, please continue to follow our website. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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