Design and Construction of Bolt Pressure Plate Anchorage Plug Rubber Dam

The Wang Jing 1 profile rubber dam is a new type of low head building that has emerged with the development of the high-strand synthetic fiber and rubber industry. It is made of high-strength synthetic fiber and coated with rubber as a protective layer inside and outside. After the water is injected into the bag or inflated and inflated, the upstream water level is controlled to play the role of irrigation power generation, shipping, flood control, moisture, etc. Before the promotion and application of rubber dam technology, no matter in the small country, it is greatly despised in China. The rubber dam that has been built in Xuzhou has two types of dam-type anchors, which are anchored by wedges and clamped by bolts. In the former, the wedge and the anchor groove are easily destroyed when the dam bag is replaced, which brings difficulties to the construction in the future. The latter has a high safety performance and is quick to change the dam bag. Therefore, the diameter spacing of the bolts has been determined in recent years. Length and section of the platen. For the convenience of installation, each pressure plate should be too long and too heavy, especially, the design of the two-slab side wall pressure 2 bolt platen anchoring plate 4 bolts corresponding to the number of bolts 4 bolts; plate anchored juice 1. It is necessary to pass the juice, too little will cause one, the snails are pulled off, the hydraulic vibration of the cows is high, and the hydraulic vibration has a high working range, and the pulsation range is extremely small. The siphon has a sudden rise and fall of 1 liter. Even though it has passed the saddle head lift twice, this vibration phenomenon has not been found. 2.4 Analysis of the vibration of the water pump Jiangdu stood at the entrance and exit water level difference of 6.51 or more, and there was strong vibration, which could not be stabilized. Run and be forced to stop. At this time, the negative pressure in the siphon tube is basically formed, but the negative pressure value is about 2 water column when the siphon is full of tube flow, and the water flow in and out of the flow channel under the corresponding flow rate is about to calculate the water pump. The lift is about 9,1. Because there are residual air sacs in the tube that are difficult to remove, the negative pressure fluctuation in the tube reaches 4.64, causing the pump to actually flow. The lift of the pump reaches 3.8, and the actual working lift of the pump will fluctuate between 71. The 642850 axial flow pump saddle bottom lift is about the saddle head lift (1) (1) Obviously the actual working head of the pump exceeds the saddle top and the saddle bottom lift range. The corresponding flow is, for example, the (1)1 pump flow in such a large range, the rate of 20 jumps repeatedly. Change, the water flow on the blade is violently impacted, and the situation is wide.

Such a drastic change in the pumping section and flow rate will make it more difficult to eliminate the residual air sac that is difficult to remove in the siphon tube. This is the strong vibration of the pump during the start of the siphonic axial pumping station and the vibration. The reason for the period. At Jiangdu Station, if the vibration exceeds 15 mountains, it will stop, according to the face. If the upstream and downstream water level does not change and it will continue to vibrate, it can only be forced to stop. When the water level of the Yangtze River is high, the lift will be restarted after the lift is reduced. According to the introduction, there are more than 1 oil in the pumping station of Hunan Yanwang Lake. This kind of vibration is still not stopped. 1. These pumping stations are stable after running at a higher head, or the unit being started only needs to open the vacuum breaking valve to operate. This vibration will immediately eliminate the axial flow. The pump generates hydraulic vibration at high lift or 3 saddle 1 to explain the water chest vibration phenomenon during the start of the siphonic axial pump station, in theory, in practice. It is difficult to avoid losing sight of one another. However, the method for solving the vibration of the pump is inferred. It is inevitable that the personnel of the province will be less than a half-hearted or labor-free. The author of the project is the provincial engineer of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhou Junliang, senior engineer of Zhou Guoming. Liu Zhuxi Jiaotou of Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering and Professor Yan Dengfeng of Yangzhou University Water Conservancy College, etc., are very grateful.

The construction of the tube is overloaded with other bolts on the same pressure plate, which causes an accident; too much, the viscosity of the snail is high, which is easy to cause the installation. 2.1 The calculation of the bolt is the connection of the dam bag. It withstands the dam bag pull from the gusset. Under the friction generated by the water weight in the dam body, the force of the bottom pocket piece is no longer transmitted to the bolt and the bag is broken. Flashing, the bolts are required to be tightened; sufficient pressing force is applied, and the dam bag is not capable of being extracted, but it is difficult to control by the butyl locking force, so that it is difficult to accurately calculate the bolt force calculation. According to the formula calculation, the Zhengjidi culvert rubber dam is anchored by calculation using bolts with a diameter of 33.

The length of the bolt is considered by the anchor bolt. Take 3 times and the bolt is anchored to the bolt by the diameter. It is fixed with double bolts to prevent loosening and anti-rust treatment. The thread size adopts coarse thread to ensure the strength of the bolt and the shear strength of the thread. The bolt material steel bolt should not be too low, and is usually made of medium and high carbon steel. This project adopts the medium carbon steel bar 1 bolt, the 2.2 plate is designed to make the plate have sufficient strength in the application. The plate is made of 16 tip steel 16641 yang type = bolt plate to trace two bolt holes and weld ribs. , 9 degrees is (1) with the top and the top of the channel steel to enhance the anti-board reserved period of concrete to make the anchoring groove. In the period of concrete reservation, it is necessary to take into account the integrity of the structure, and it is necessary to consider the convenience of the application. To ensure the size of the embedded bolts. We use 8 〃 thick 2, wide steel plate to burn into every 5 pieces. Dimensional drilling is placed on the steel plate, and the pre-embedded bolts are placed on the steel plate according to the design, and the steel plate is fixed on the steel plate, and then the steel plate is consolidated in the concrete concrete period. The vibrator should not touch the pre-buried material until the concrete has been poured. If it is found that the problem should be corrected in time, 4 the anchor installation of the rubber dam bag will leave the debris at the bottom of the dam and the construction will be left behind. 4. Draw the anchor line. After the dam bag is anchored, according to the design tour, the anchoring line of the side wall of the two ends can be drawn at the factory if it is in the factory. This can shorten the installation time of the site and anchor the 5 dam bag. After the above several tasks are completed, the anchoring work of the dam bag can be carried out. When anchoring, the anchoring of the bottom plate should be carried out in the order of upstream, downstream, and last wall. It should be unfolded from the center line of the dam shaft to both sides of the left heart. 1 The rubber layer screed in the bottom layer of the anchoring groove should be laid first, and then the dam bag bottom pad On the sheet, the water-proof sponge film should be placed between the dam bag and the bottom gasket to prevent leakage. The following are all adhered to the dam bag and the bottom gasket with neoprene.

Such as small nails and small gravel and other harmful objects. This work is mainly to prevent the damage of the bottom gasket and cause the water in the dam bag to leak out. 1 Place the bottom gasket on the bottom plate. After paving, use the concrete jade shaft for the upstream and downstream. Temporary and fixed ends are fixed with anchor bolts according to design, and at the same time, the water caps that are installed in the water outlet are re-folded from 1 force, and then 1 force is applied to reinforce the film, dam bag water-stopping sponge Both the film bottom gasket and the leveling gasket need to be drilled according to the bolt position. Reinforce the upper part of the film so that the force is even when anchored. It is necessary to set up two 41-way tensile steel bars, and after the steel bars are laid, the surface of the 3 dam bag anchoring groove is constructed. The anchoring requirements of the anchoring groove 1 are required to be accurately embedded in the anchor groove. The gray surface leveling force satisfies the above requirements. After the dam bag tape is laid in the Zhengzhou culvert rubber dam mining company, after the bottom heat film is installed, the dam bag tape is laid on the bottom pad film and the downstream bottom plate, and the dam bag line and the bottom plate are used. The middle line refers to the coincidence of the water flow as the control standard. 6. After the above work is completed, the bolted wire part is applied with butter and then the first nut is placed. The order of tightening the nut should be improved according to the water quality of the pavilion. Overview of the Wuhu wood, 2 squares Zhang Jianhua 1 Overview Meiliang Lake is a lake bay in the northern part of Taihu Lake, with an area of ​​23.92, with an average water depth of 1.95 and a volume of 2.40. The north and east sides of the east are shaped like pockets, and the south is connected to Taihu Lake.

Near the shore, accompanied by the development of agriculture along the lake 1 and the sharp increase in pollutants entering the lake, Meiliang Lake has become the most serious pollution in Taihu Lake. The lake with the fastest development of pollution has the greatest harm, the trend of total phosphorus change in Meiliang Lake and the distribution of chlorophyll (eight) cents (eight) in Taihu Lake.

In order to effectively control the external pollutants of the lake, combined with the need for flood control, Meiliang Lake along the main port of Lianghu River, Zhihu Port, Wujin Port, etc., completed the completion of the control of the Lushan Zha Lihu Gate and the Zhihu Port Wujin Port. The Meiliang Lake has actually become a relatively closed lake bay, which is not conducive to the flow of water, which makes the exchange of water in the lake Taihu Lake slow. The water body has poor self-purification ability. It is not conducive to the improvement of Meiliang Lake water environment. This paper proposes a specific research plan through the calculation of Taihu Lake flow model and water quality model. 2 Improve the water quality of Meiliang Lake by diverting water along the lake water project 2.1 Improve the water quality of Meiliang Lake and affect the lake flow The drainage volume of the lake 21 varies 41 凇, even if the water diversion of the lake, more than 1 pair of Meiliang Lake lake flow conditions are not obvious; implementation plan 2, when Lushan, Cheng or through the straight lake port Wujin port Ding. When the drainage flow exceeds 35, 4, 〃, it will have an impact on the Meiliang Lake lake flow. When the drainage flow reaches 605, the impact is obvious; 3. Implementation 3. When the Wangfu River diversion Diversion flow S10Ws, fl; MJ30mtA 16 channel steel nut tightening weight roots 倨 manufacturers introduction and past construction experience, the force of our homemade sleeve is not fixed at the force arm.

5 dam bag water filling test After all the first bolts are inspected and tightened, the dam bag is used for water filling test. The dam bag is filled with water, and the water leakage in the dam bag is checked. If the water leakage is found, the dam should be marked. After the bag was drained, the lang dynasty rubber dam was treated four times. Since the previous work was carefully and carefully applied according to the specifications, it was not found during the water filling test. The water leakage dam bag was filled with water and the technical water was drained. , check the nut by 1 and press the 1st 21 nut again to complete the process. Use bolts in the channel steel to pour bolts and bolts and then cover them with thick plastic sheets so that the bolts can be replaced when the bag is replaced next time. Usually use 2 cement mortar to seal the rest of the anchor groove. In order to prevent the rubber dam bag, the heads at both ends collapsed. This construction adopts 1; the slope of each end of the bottom plate is 0. The rubber dam is a kind of material saving material, the construction cost is low, the construction is simple, and the new hydraulic structure is convenient to operate.壅, the water level avoids the flooding of the river, and the rubber dam has the advantage of Kunwei. Through a series of observations on the bolting plate plugging scheme, it is proved that the flat bottom plate and the plug dam bag are used after the water is filled. The dam bag has the same cross section, no wrinkles, no overflow damage, and the dam bag tension distribution is relatively uniform. The latitude and longitude latitude is basically the main tensile force, which is more suitable for the film theory. The material strength can also be fully exerted. A more reasonable plan is worthy of widespread adoption in production practice.

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