2015 Shenzhen International Home Furnishings Exhibition 1

Shenzhen's design and fashion is the city's greatest wealth, with China's cutting-edge fashion information, which can quickly connect with the world trend. Chinese designers who have a place in the world of design are famous for the clothing, furniture, home soft furnishings and jewelry of the design capital of Shenzhen. In the summer of 2015, let us walk into the Shenzhen International Home Furnishings Exhibition to experience another lifestyle that is chic and beautiful. From another perspective, there is a way to surprise you!

Home Furnishings and Furnishings - Love and Fancy Home Furnishings

The fragrant floral art makes the home space vibrant; the warm and feminine fabric will make the home full of warmth; the amazing creative carvings will make the home unique personal taste... whether it is the European style, the iron, the copper, or It is a simple ceramic pottery porcelain, or a unique glass jewelry, full of fashion and colorful style, let people fall in love with home furnishings!


European and American style pavilion - a European town with flowers

Stroll along the clean passages, with a rich 18th-century European setting on both sides, with flowers blooming like summer. Life is presented in exquisite European and American neoclassical architecture and accessories.


Romantic Pastoral Pavilion - Shenzhen, July, a romantic trip

Small fresh furniture and a variety of floral fabrics, covering the porcelain and accessories in between, clinging to the slightly messy and exquisite green plants, soft lighting, steaming out the exotic atmosphere of the home. Fantastic idyllic style, beautiful Korean pastoral, elegant English pastoral, romantic French pastoral, rustic American country pastoral... with a cozy and comfortable encounter here.


Luxury Home Furnishings - There is a beauty called luxury, it is amazing time

Fashion is changing because our lifestyle is changing. There is a fashion called luxury, it is amazing life! Like the most luxurious palace in Europe, the subtle aroma, the jacquard on the accessories is full of elegant gestures; the handmade copper nails on the furniture and the sheet metal wallpaper depict the taste of the owner. With the attitude of life; luxurious fur decorated with aristocratic temperament; bedroom rococo-style dressing table, classical bedside lace coveted, baroque oil painting reveals lazy and cozy to sigh: this life has only been a luxury life!


Mediterranean style home - full house, embracing the blue feelings from afar

The taste of the Mediterranean is Spain's azure coast and white sandy beaches? Is it the dream of a white village in Greece under the blue sky and blue sky? Is it the golden color of the sunflowers of southern Italy flowing in the sun? Or the blue-violet fragrance of the lavender fields in Provence?

It is like a white wall washed by water, sea blue roof tiles and doors and windows, mixed with shells, fine sand walls, cobblestone floors, broccoli flower stands with cornflowers blooming in full bloom... large blue and white flowers spread, rendering life The coziness and romance between the blue sky and the sea. People put swings and wicker chairs between the flowers and grasses, and set the table in a courtyard where they can enjoy the sun. There is no such thing as a living in the Aegean Sea. Only the wind blowing from the sea is in the ears. Singing softly: I have a house facing the sea, spring blossoming...


Modern style home museum - prosperous reading back to the original, releasing the body and mind in modern home

In the afternoon, the floor-to-ceiling windows of the entire wall make the interior full of sunshine, and the wooden floor feels comfortable and warm. A sofa, a coffee table, a TV cabinet, simple lines, a simple combination, here is plain; a colorful abstract oil painting, a unique metal lighting, a tall vase in the floor, a matte plant, let The neutral shades of the house have a breath of life. A simple atmosphere, everything goes with the flow, let people forget the rhythm of publicity and incitement, and concentrate on enjoying the comfortable time here. LESS IS MORE, simple but not simple, highlights personality and fashion.


Chinese classical style home pavilion - a trendy label for the old style

Nostalgia, only because of the love and attachment to the classic fashion.

The Western design community says that without the Chinese element, there is no extravagance. Woodcut screen, carved window plaque, a quaint incense burner on the desk, Duobaoge standing blue and white porcelain bottle, lying in the big porcelain jar outside the court, swimming with a few koi... Chinese elements are ingeniously compatible with modern materials, or The red, yellow and purple are intense and warm, or the gray and blue elegant and fresh, like a rich classic old song, each flowing note contains a profound cultural charm, exudes a mysterious and romantic Chinese sentiment, and elegant and subtle, The beauty of the East of Fenghua Fenghua!


Painting Museum - how beautiful the picture is, how beautiful life will be

Unchanging furnishings, there will always be aesthetic fatigue; in the space design work for a long time, I always want a finishing touch to inspire the space. Here, you will be deeply impressed by how the beautiful and beautifully decorated paintings are beautifully decorated for European, American, French, Postmodern, Chinese, Post-Chinese and Modern styles. space!


The Museum of Lights----The Essence of the Essence and the Artists

Light is the mood and art!

Here, a variety of light and shadow show will be staged, or graceful, or quiet, elegant, or magnificent, or elegant, or flamboyant, or restrained, or radiant, or simple.... Let the light blend with the human emotions! Open a journey of light and shadow, and enjoy the infinite beauty brought by the brilliance!


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