Advantages and disadvantages of lithium bromide absorption chillers

The lithium bromide absorption chiller uses lithium bromide solution as an absorbent and water as a refrigerant, and uses water to evaporate and absorb heat under high vacuum to achieve refrigeration. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the lithium bromide absorption chiller ? The following small series briefly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the lithium bromide absorption chiller .

·Lithium Bromide Absorption Refrigerator Benefits

1. Power is driven by heat, electricity consumption is less, and heat source requirements are not high. Can use a variety of low-potential heat and waste steam, waste heat, such as more than 20kPa (0.2kgf/cm2) gauge pressure saturated steam, high-temperature 75 °C hot water and geothermal, solar energy, etc., is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of heat sources. It has very good energy-saving and energy-saving effects and is economical.

2. The whole unit has no other moving parts except the shielded pump with low power. It has low vibration, low noise and quiet operation.

3. Lithium bromide solution is used as the working medium, and the machine is operated in a vacuum state. It is odorless, non-toxic, non-explosive, safe, reliable, pollution-free, and conducive to meeting the requirements of environmental protection.

4, a wide range of cold regulation. With the change of external load, the unit can perform stepless regulation of the cooling capacity within the range of 10% to 100%. Even with low-load operation, the thermal efficiency hardly decreases, the performance is stable, and it can adapt well to the load change requirements.

5, adaptability to changes in external conditions. Such as the standard external conditions: steam pressure 5.88 X 105Pa (6kgf/cm2) gauge pressure, cooling water inlet temperature 32 °C, refrigerant water outlet temperature of 10 °C steam double effect machine, the actual operation shows that can be in the steam pressure (1.96 - 7.84) X 105Pa (2.0 ~ 8.0kgf/cm2) gauge pressure, cooling water inlet temperature 25 ~ 40 °C, refrigerant water outlet temperature stable operation in a wide range of 5 ~ 15C.

6, easy installation, low installation requirements. When the machine is running, the vibration is small and no special foundation is required. Only the static load can be considered. Can be installed indoors, outdoors, ground floor, floor or roof. Only a general leveling is required during installation, and steam, water and electricity can be connected as required.

7, simple manufacturing, operation, maintenance and convenient. Apart from the ancillary equipment such as canned pumps, vacuum pumps, and vacuum chambers, almost all of the heat exchange equipment in the unit is relatively easy to manufacture. As the unit performance is stable and adaptable to changes in external conditions, the operation is relatively simple. The maintenance and maintenance work of the unit is mainly to maintain its airtightness.

·Disadvantages of lithium bromide absorption refrigerator

1. In the presence of air, lithium bromide solution has a strong corrosive effect on ordinary carbon steel. This not only affects the life of the unit, but also affects the unit's performance and normal operation.

2. The unit runs under vacuum. Air leaks easily. Even if a small amount of air leaks, the performance of the unit will be seriously impaired. For this reason, refrigerators require strict sealing, which adds to the difficulties in the manufacture and use of machines.

3. The heat load of the unit is large, because the condensation and absorption process of the refrigerant steam are all heat removal processes. In addition, the water quality requirements for cooling water are also relatively high. In locations where the water quality is poor, special water treatment should be performed. Otherwise, the normal performance of the unit performance will be affected.

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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages

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