Transformer capacity characteristics tester precautions and maintenance

1. Never touch the metal part of the test wire during the measurement to avoid being damaged by electric shock.

2. Measurement wiring must be strictly operated according to the instructions, otherwise the consequences are your own.

3. Be sure to check carefully that the parameters set are correct before testing.

4. It is best to use a grounded power outlet.

5. Cannot work with voltage and current over-limits.

6. Short circuit test, the non-pressure side of the short must be good, otherwise it will have an impact on the test results.

7. In the short-circuit test, if a high-voltage or medium-voltage side outlet bushing is equipped with a toroidal current transformer, the secondary of the current transformer must be short-circuited before the test.

8. The test wiring work must be carried out under the grounding of the test line to prevent the induced voltage from getting an electric shock. All short circuits, grounding, and leads should have sufficient cross-section and must be securely connected. Test organization work should be tight and communication should be smooth in order to ensure the safety and smoothness of the test work.

9. When the instrument needs to be charged, be sure to turn off the power supply (press “O” is off), plug in the power cord, and the yellow light of the charging indicator starts flashing, indicating that the charging is in a normal state.

10. When testing a 500 kVA or 630 kVA transformer, the reference capacity must be set because the 500 and 630 transformers are in the impedance voltage conversion zone, and there is a possibility of capacity crossing. In order to avoid misjudgment, this parameter must be set.

After the use of the transformer capacity characteristic tester, the battery maintenance and charging equipment uses a high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery as the internal power supply. The operator cannot replace other types of batteries at will, so as to avoid damage to the instrument due to incompatible levels.

The instrument must be charged in time to prevent the deep discharge of the battery from affecting the battery life.

In case of normal use, charge as much as possible every day (you do not need to charge the battery within one month if you do not use it for a long time), so as not to affect the use and battery life, the charging time should be more than 4 hours per time. Because there is internal charging protection function, you can Continuous charging.

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