Turn waste into treasure The first aluminum ash reheating furnace "reconstruction" in Henan Province

Recently learned from the Luoyang Xin'an Electric Power Group that the technological transformation of the aluminum ash re-melting furnace used by the Group's second base plant of Wanji Aluminum has made the past waste of aluminum ash a value-creating baby. It is reported that this technology is currently the first in the country.

Aluminum ash is a by-product of the aluminum ingot casting process. The traditional production process is that the aluminum liquid enters the mixing furnace, and three thousandths of the deslagging agent is added. After the stirring, the aluminum ash is smashed into the slag box, and the aluminum ash is packaged and taken out after sorting. The workshop tested aluminum ash components without aluminum slag addition, and found that about 80% of them were aluminum oxide, 15% aluminum, and 5% of impurities, indicating that aluminum ash can be returned again. Electrolysis workshop for processing and utilization.

Since no more slag removal agent is added to the aluminum liquid, this branch can save 540 tons of slag removal agent each year, worth 1.5 million yuan. At the same time, 180,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum can produce about 1,500 tons of aluminum ash a year, and once each ton is taken after re-use, it can increase the efficiency of the company by 1,500 yuan, and increase the annual profit by up to 2.25 million yuan.