Pumps save electricity knowledge quiz (a)

1, What is DSM? A: DSM refers to the energy-saving and environmental protection, low-cost electric power service implemented by improving the terminal power efficiency and optimizing the power consumption, while reducing the power consumption and power demand while completing the same power usage function Electricity management activities. 2, what is saving electricity? A: Saving electricity refers to adopting technologically feasible and economically reasonable energy-saving measures to reduce direct and indirect energy loss, improve energy efficiency and protect the environment by strengthening electricity management. 3, China's general principle of energy conservation is what? A: The general principle of energy saving is that both development and economy should be taken as priority and economy should be given priority. 4, what is the meaning of saving electricity? A: To solve the energy issue, we must consistently adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on development and conservation and put energy conservation at an important position. Electricity is a precious secondary energy, saving electricity is an important part of energy conservation. To save electricity, it is necessary to constantly improve the level of energy utilization technology, do not waste electricity, so that each kWh of electricity play a maximum role. The significance of saving electricity: (1) to save electricity, which is the primary energy needed to save electricity, so that the country's energy is saved, can reduce energy and transport tensions; (2) to save electricity, which means (3) To save electricity, we must rely on the progress of science and technology. In the case of continuous adoption of new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment, the section on saving electricity needs to be invested. Electricity will also promote the development and improvement of industrial and agricultural production levels; (4) to save electricity, rely on strengthening the scientific management of electricity, which will improve management and management, and improve the management of enterprises; (5) to save electricity and reduce Unnecessary loss of electricity for enterprises to reduce electricity costs, reduce costs and improve economic efficiency, so that limited electricity to play a greater social and economic benefits, improve the utilization of electricity, more effective use of electricity resources. 5, the way to save electricity what? A: Saving electricity can be managed by three energy-saving, energy-saving structure and energy-saving three ways. Energy-saving management is through the improvement and strengthening of power management and assessment work to tap the potential to reduce consumption of energy-saving methods; structure is through the adjustment of industrial structure, industrial structure and product structure to achieve energy-saving mode; and technology-saving It is through the equipment updates, process reform, adopt advanced technology to achieve the power-saving mode. 6, the main way to save electricity is what? A: The main ways to save electricity are: (1) rebuild or update electrical equipment, promote energy-saving new products and improve equipment operation efficiency. Running equipment (including electrical equipment, such as motors, transformers) and production machinery (such as fans, pumps) is the direct consumption of electrical energy, their performance is good or bad, directly affect the amount of power consumption. The performance of the previously produced equipment will lag behind the progress of science and technology, coupled with long-term wear and tear aging, performance will gradually deteriorate. Therefore, energy-saving equipment for technological transformation must be carried out to save electricity is an important aspect of work. (2) The use of high efficiency and low consumption of new production technology to replace the low efficiency and high consumption of the old process, reduce power consumption, and vigorously promote the use of new energy-saving measures. The application of new technologies and new processes will lead to higher labor productivity, better product quality and lower electricity consumption. (3) improve the economic operation of electrical equipment. The purpose of economic operation of equipment is to reduce power consumption, so that operating costs reduced to a minimum. In most cases, the production load or service object requirements is a random variable, and design, often according to the maximum load to match the equipment capacity, coupled with the equipment there is a difference in ability, the choice of the larger one level, so In operation, it is inevitable that there will be an unreasonable match so that the equipment is in an inefficient state, which invisible reduces the utilization of electric energy. The issue of economic operation, is to overcome the phenomenon of long-term inefficient equipment and waste of energy. Economic operation is actually the load changes in the feedback information to the regulation system to adjust the equipment operating conditions, the equipment to maintain high-efficient work area. (4) Strengthen the management and assessment of the power consumption quota of unit products; strengthen the management of lighting and save the non-production electricity; and actively carry out the work of balancing the power of enterprises. (5) Strengthen the economic dispatching of the power grid, make efforts to reduce the power consumption and wire loss of the power plant, and rectify and transform the power grid. (6) The application of waste heat power generation to improve the operation rate of waste heat power generating units. 7, the state encourages the conservation of electricity measures what? A: (1) Promotion of green lighting technologies, products and energy-saving home appliances; (2) Reduction of electricity consumption and line loss rate of power plants to eliminate unspecified losses; (3) Encourage waste heat, residual pressure and new energy generation to support clean, Efficient co-generation, combined heat and power generation and comprehensive utilization of power plants; (4) promotion of economic operation of electrical equipment; (5) speed up the renovation of low-efficiency fans, pumps, motors and transformers to improve system operation efficiency; (7) promotion of AC motor speed control technology; (8) the implementation of heat treatment, electroplating, casting and forging, oxygen and other specialized production processes; (9) to promote high-frequency thyristor voltage regulator, Promotion of heat pump, gas-steam combined cycle power generation technology; (10) to promote far-infrared, microwave heating technology; (11) promote the use of cold storage, thermal storage technology. 8, the state of the phase-out of inefficient high-power equipment, products What are the rules? A: The state prohibits the production and sale of inefficient and power-hungry equipment and products that have been explicitly eliminated, and prohibits the use of such equipment in new or rebuilt construction projects. In violation of the provisions, the competent electricity conservation departments under the people's government at or above the county level shall, in conjunction with the project The examination and approval authority shall order it to stop construction and hold the responsibility of project owner and design leader according to law. Those who are using out of equipment, should stop using, and may not divert the use of others, in violation of the provisions of the "People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Law," the relevant provisions of the punishment.