Domestic large airplane fuselage frame made by Southwest Aluminum

A major breakthrough was made in the development of the first batch of large-size aluminum alloy materials for Southwest Aluminum. Recently, the aluminum alloy fuselage frame forging materials of the first batch of domestically produced large aircrafts were successfully produced on the 30,000 tons hydraulic press of SWA. Since then, SWA has been able to develop aluminum alloy products with large specifications and high performance requirements.

Large aircraft refers to transport aircraft with a total weight of over 150 tons. Currently, only a few countries, such as the United States and Russia, have manufacturing capabilities. Since the development of large aircraft is a high-precision project, a large amount of aluminum alloy material is required for each aircraft. After the launch of the domestic large aircraft project, Southwest China will fully provide forging products for Boeing and provide aerospace projects such as the “Shenzhou Series” spacecraft. The advantages of advanced aluminum alloy materials, early intervention, the establishment of a large aircraft with advanced aluminum alloy leading group and large aircraft office, began to major aircraft project key special aluminum alloy materials for pre-research, trial production.

Fang Qingwan, deputy director of Southwest Aluminum Forging Factory, stated that the processing technology of super large-sized force components such as the large aircraft fuselage frame has always been the cutting-edge technology of the international blockade. In the absence of drawings and no process data, Southwest Aluminum science and technology personnel developed a composite strong deformation process, and after many trials and debuggings, they broke through the problems of inadequate deformation capability of existing auxiliary equipment and incomplete deformation of the product, and successfully increased the thickness of the product from 120MM to 300MM, raising the thickness at one stroke. 2.5 times, it fills the gap that can not produce 300MM ultra-thick components in China, and meets the material requirements for manufacturing large aircrafts.

At present, Southwest Aluminum has obtained over 100 kinds of production orders for aluminum alloy supporting materials for large aircraft with a total weight of about 700 tons. It is closely tracking the research and development needs of large aircraft related design and equipment manufacturing units, and refining the special aluminum required for large aircraft projects. Development of key materials such as alloy plates, profiles and forgings. In addition, Southwest China is also building a 4.3m wide heavy plate hot rolling line and a large tonnage stretching machine with a capacity of over 12,000 tons. After the project is completed, SWA will have large aluminum and aluminum alloy ultra-thick ultra-thick aluminum alloy plates for large aircrafts. The production capacity can be exploited and innovated.