Scientists for the first time identified vegetable ancestral genes such as cabbage

Few people know that cabbages, cabbages, mustard and rapeseed, etc., which are often “appearing” on the table of the common people, belong to the genus in the vegetable research field. For a long time, who is the "ancestor" of these vegetables? It has always been a mystery to scientists who have studied the origin and evolution of the genus Acer. A few days ago, it was learned from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences that the scientific team led by Wang Xiaowu, a researcher in the hospital, has been engaged in the research of Polygonum species for many years and has led the sequencing of the Chinese cabbage genome. The research team has achieved important results in the study of genome evolution of Brassica species, and related research papers have been published online in the international academic journal Plant Cell recently. At the same time, the article entitled "Plant Cell" was published by the editor of "Plant Cell". Reconstruction of cabbage ancestral genome."

Based on the completion of the Chinese cabbage genome sequencing, this study for the first time identified the common ancestral genome of seven chromosomes in the genus Euonymus and its related species, and clarified the key links in the evolution of Brassica genome. On this basis, three sub-genomes of Chinese cabbage were reconstructed, and seven recombination blocks of cruciferous model genomes were precisely defined to solve the chromosomal evolution problems of cabbage, cabbage, rapeseed, radish and other important crops that had not been solved for many years. .

Experts in the industry have stated that the identification of the common ancestors of common genus and their related species not only has important implications for the elucidation of the evolutionary process of eucalyptus crops, but also has a major impact on the gene function of eucalyptus.

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