Home decoration and purchase of kitchen doors, several tips and maintenance methods

Modern home concept, more and more inclined to save space, can be customized according to needs and environmentally friendly and practical aspects, in addition to the main gate, the main bedroom door, the study of the study door need to pay attention to the home decoration, the selection of the kitchen door Buying skills are also crucial.

At present, there are many design styles of kitchen doors on the market. The most important thing for kitchen doors is waterproof and anti-corrosion. When purchasing, according to the requirements of lighting, the kitchen door should use sandblasting, matte pattern, semi-transparent half-glass door, and the bathroom door should adopt a more unique solid wood door, giving people a sense of privacy and security. Or use the upper full matte treatment of the semi-glass door type, which gives a sense of quietness.

Generally speaking, the transparent glass door is a common choice for the kitchen door. Specifically, the kitchen door can be used with a large area of ​​glass, which can not only isolate the fume but also display the cabinets carefully selected by the owner. In order to save space, kitchen doors can also be considered using folding doors and sliding doors.

The quality of the kitchen door is directly related to the cleanliness of the entire home. Kitchen doors are increasingly being valued by housewives as a barrier to kitchen fumes. The kitchen door can generally be selected from the group consisting of wooden doors, glass doors, and aluminum alloy doors. It takes a lot of thought to care and clean.

The kitchen door can be maintained from the following aspects:

(1) When opening or closing the door, do not use excessive force or the angle of opening is too large, which may cause damage. In order to maintain the brightness and color of the wooden door, it is necessary to regularly maintain it with home maintenance wax.

(2) Use wooden kitchen doors, as far as possible to maintain indoor air relative humidity between 60% and 75%. Especially in the spring and winter seasons, pay attention to the indoor ventilation, so that the wooden door can be used under normal room temperature and humidity to prevent deformation due to poor humidity and temperature. Do not let the heating equipment be too close to the wooden door.

(3) Keep the surface of the glass clean and dry. Be careful when using it. Do not collide to avoid damage and injury to yourself.

(4) Use glass doors to avoid sudden heat and sudden heat, so do not let cooked food or hot water touch the glass door, otherwise it may break.

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