Renovation of building materials, purchase of small knowledge, teach you how to buy a toilet

In home decoration, the expenditure of ceramic tile and bathroom often accounts for a large proportion of the cost of home decoration. Because of the huge cost, each consumer will pursue quality as the first pursuit when purchasing sanitary products, avoiding the long-term use process. Hard to solve quality problems. But nowadays the building materials brands on the market can be said to be numerous, so, as consumers, how to choose the products that they are satisfied with? This requires mastering some small knowledge of building materials. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the purchase method of the toilet, I hope to help you with your decoration.

First, the heavier the toilet, the better

The average toilet weight is about 50 kg, and the good toilet is about 100 kg. The weight of the toilet is high and the quality is relatively good. A complicated way to test the weight of the toilet: pick up the lid of the tank with both hands and pick up its weight.

Second, the drain hole at the bottom of the toilet is preferably a

Many brands now have 2-3 drain holes (according to different calibers), but the more drain holes, the more impact. The outlet of the bathroom has the difference of the lower drainage and the horizontal drainage. It is necessary to measure the distance from the center of the water outlet to the wall behind the water tank. Buy the toilet of the opposite type to seat at the opposite distance, otherwise the toilet cannot be installed. The outlet of the horizontal drain toilet should be equal to the height of the horizontal drain, preferably slightly higher, to ensure that the sewage is smooth, 30 cm for the toilet, 20 to 25 cm for the toilet, and for the distance of 40 cm or more. Front water toilet. The model is slightly faulty and the water is not smooth.

Third, pay attention to the glaze of the toilet

The glazed surface of a good quality toilet should be smooth, smooth and blister-free. After checking the glazed surface of the outer surface, you should also touch the sewer of the toilet. If it is rough, it will easily form a suspend. Large-diameter sewage pipes with glazing on the inner surface are not easy to hang dirty, and the sewage is quickly and forcefully effective to prevent blockage. The test method is to put the whole hand into the toilet mouth, and it is generally possible to have a palm capacity.

Fourth, check if the toilet is leaking

In addition to the clear dripping sound, the leaking water in the toilet tank can be judged. It is not easy to detect. The complicated reflection method is to drop blue ink into the toilet tank. After mixing, see if there is blue water flowing out of the toilet. If there is any, the toilet has The place where the water leaks. Prompt, the water tank is best to choose a higher height, so the impulse is very good.

Five, the water directly determines the service life of the toilet

The quality of the water quality of the brand toilet and the ordinary toilet is very different. Since almost every family has experienced the difficulty of water in the water tank, so choose the water part of the toilet when you choose the toilet. The identification method is to listen to the sound of the button. The loud sound is the best.

Sixth, choose the appropriate standard

From a practical point of view, the toilet should first have the basic function of flushing thoroughly. Therefore, the flushing method is very important, and the flushing water of the toilet is a direct-injection type, a rotary siphon type, a vortex siphon type, and a radiation siphon type. Pay attention to the choice of different drainage methods: the toilet can be divided into "rushing down", "siphon flushing" and "siphon swirl". The flushing and siphon flushing type of water injection is about 6 liters, the sewage is strong, but the sound is loud when flushing; the vortex type has a large amount of water, but has a good mute effect. Consumers may wish to try the straight-through siphonic toilet, which has the advantages of both straight-through and siphon, which can quickly flush dirt and save water.

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