Material acceptance knowledge for closing balconies

A look at the profile:

There are many types of profiles, the common ones are 828 and 888, etc. These figures represent the width of the profile frame. For example, the profile width of 828 is about 8.3cm, while Guangzhou Nordson, Feng Aluminum, etc. are the brands. The thickness is 1.2mm. The sealing performance of the 828 is strong, and the top of the track of the pulley is semi-circular, and the width of the front frame of the moving window is also wide. But if you can use 888, of course, better, especially the neighbors with higher floors. But be sure to be careful not to be fooled by fake or fake 888 or 898. The adhesion of the surface paint of the profile is also different. Generally, the paint film of the powder coating has strong adhesion, and the paint is poor, and the adhesion can be easily identified by the nail to see if there is any scratch.

Second look at the glass:

The glass is also very particular. The glass can basically identify the quality by visual inspection. It is mainly to check the flatness and observe the quality defects such as bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog spots. Deformation occurs during use, reducing the transparency of the glass, mechanical strength, and thermal stability of the glass. At the same time, it is necessary to check the processing quality of the glass, check whether the standard size, processing precision and pattern definition meet the requirements, and whether the edge of the glass is defective.

In addition, the installed glass is divided into ordinary flat glass and tempered glass. The two are difficult to distinguish from the naked eye, but the tempered glass is marked on one corner (stamped, such as XX steel), and the 3 C mark. A method for identifying tempered glass by observing stress streaks: Since tempered glass is tempered by heat treatment, they all have stress patterns left by heat treatment, and stress streaks are usually invisible. Light reflection discrimination using the sky outdoors or indoors using windows: Look at the light reflected from the glass or the window, and slowly change the angle of observation. In the case of tempered glass, it is possible to see a column of blue-gray regular, dark intermediate, shallow and fuzzy circles, or elliptical or long strips on the surface of the glass. You can try to identify it before you install it in the glass window.

Third, look at the bottom wheel and door and window locks and other hardware accessories:

Whether the sliding window can be used for a long time depends on the quality of the pulley. Before the upper window, pay attention to observe whether the appearance of the pulley is exquisite, and there should be no quality defects such as burrs, eccentricity, and poor rotation. After installing the window door, pay attention to whether the push and pull is smooth, the door and window can neither be too light nor too heavy when sliding, no vibration when sliding, smooth and textured. The door and window locks should also be closed, the poor quality door and window locks are rough, and the burrs will be handcuffed. The good door and window locks are flexible and firm, and feel good.

Mainly from the aspects of firmness, air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance, some details of the balcony construction process were studied, and ten notes were summarized, as follows:

1. The frame size should be made strictly according to the actual size of the balcony. It should not be too small. The top must reach the roof or the top of the beam.

2. The 90 degree angle of the aluminum alloy frame is fixed by expansion screws. This connection method is sure to be unsatisfactory when encountering Maisha. The internal foaming agent should be filled with foaming agent, and the outer seam should be filled. Sealed with silicone.

3. The leakage of the middle track frame should be higher than the upper surface of the original balcony railing. The upper and lower seams between the two should be sealed with silicone. The leaking port should be made exquisitely so that it cannot damage the slide or dent it.

4. It is not possible to punch the fixing screws on the upper surface of the aluminum alloy slide. It can be punched on the side and below. The hole is sealed with silicone.

5. The contact between the frame and the wall should be filled with foaming agent (especially if the gap is large), and the final external gap should be sealed with silicone.

6. All brush grooves should be worn with burrs.

7. Rubber seals should be added between the glass and the frame. The effect of the seals should be the same as the rubber seals on the sliding door of the living room.

8. Grouting problem under the frame: the cement slurry should be poured under the aluminum alloy frame, the outside should be made into the water slope, the cement label should be adjusted well (the cement should be watered frequently after curing), and the final slope should be smooth, flat and without cracking. . A silicone seal is applied between the water slope and the aluminum alloy, and the waterproof coating is applied on the water slope.

9. The lower frame and the concrete platform should be fixed with iron sheets.

10, air conditioning pipe hole is best to hit the cement platform, do not hit the glass.

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