Photovoltaic conversion efficiency record of black crystalline silicon battery is broken

Photovoltaic conversion efficiency record of black crystalline silicon battery is broken

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of black crystalline silicon cells developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Research and the Aalto University of Finland can reach 18.70%. This is the highest record so far reported on black crystalline silicon cells.

The 18.70% efficiency means that the power area ratio can reach 187 watts per square meter of battery area. The previous record was 18.20%. This record was maintained by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory under the United States Department of Energy. The researchers of Fraunhofer and Aalto University achieved this record by applying a boron diffusion method to prepare PN junctions. "Utilizing the structure of black crystalline silicon guarantees good optical performance," the Corresponding author explained. Previously, NREL's record was to grow a passivation layer based on a thermal oxidation method. HeleSavin, an assistant professor at Aalto University, said that the quantum efficiency test results show that the nanostructure of the front surface of the battery has better electrical properties than the pyramidal suede.

Researchers have found ways to further improve the efficiency of black batteries, and believe that in the near future they will be able to develop black cells with efficiencies of more than 20%. This good news is frequently reported by Fraunhofer and NREL (usually with Natcore Technologies), and some of the reports on the progress of the research on black crystalline silicon cells are usually only a few days old. (Compilation: a4ni)

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