How to layout the home lamp cloth

1. The bedroom is yin, the lighting of the bedroom should be relatively soft, and several small downlights with bedside lamps or ceilings embedded in the ceiling are relatively good. The recommended shape is preferably lily.

2 The living room and the entrance are yang, the lights in the living room should be high enough and bright enough to spread the light throughout the living room, and the light source must be sufficient.

3. The kitchen is a fire. It is recommended to use a cool-colored white light. The ceiling light and the recessed light are more suitable. They are installed on the bathing basin or workbench to provide sufficient light. Where special lighting is required, wall or track lights can also be installed.

4. The bathroom is water, it is best to use the warm light to adjust the yellow light. The bathroom is recommended to use ceiling lamps, downlights or recessed lamps after the ceiling is suspended.

5. The balcony is gold. If the balcony is large, you can set up a fish pond or pool on the balcony (depending on the orientation). In addition to installing bright ceiling lights or outdoor light wall lights, you can also install a blue light aquarium tube in the pool to help increase your fortunes.

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