Daqing Oil Engineering Research Institute developed the screw pump upgrade products

A new type of screw pump was born in Daqing Oilfield, it is called thick wall screw pump, is the "old pump" upgrade products, this year, will be the formal well oil. Daqing Oilfield Oil Engineering Research Institute developed a screw pump, a hollow pump, metal pumps, ceramic pumps, submersible pumps, constitute a screw pump "big family." These pumps are superficial in oil production, are favored by the oil production plants, but are also exported to Jilin, Liaohe, Kazakhstan and other domestic and foreign oilfields. In this regard, Oil Production Engineering Research Institute has not complacent, but to pick "problems", under the research and development to upgrade products, so that the screw pump is more "pretty." Such as thick-walled screw pump is one of the end of last year by expert technical appraisal, recently won the Oilfield Company Science and Technology Progress Award. At present, only Daqing successfully developed the thick wall screw pump in China. Can come up with this pump, the key is the Institute of Oil Engineering has a group of brave innovators. Their unique design changed the shape of the rubber used in conventional screw-pump stators. This change made the thick-walled screw pump a new darling of performance that outperformed conventional screw pumps like a premium car. Outstanding performance of 3 points: First, high pump efficiency. Test 6 wells, the average moving surface of 520 meters, the average pump efficiency of 72%, higher than the conventional pump by 15 percentage points. This shows that: such as thick-walled screw pump can work special. Second, save electricity. From the field test results, the average system efficiency of the six wells tested was 43.7%, which was 17.1% higher than that of the conventional pump. The conclusion is that it is quite power-saving. The same is pumping oil, who low energy consumption, who is even more lovable. Because energy conservation is the most effective way to reduce oil production costs. Third, long life. The first port and other thick-walled screw pump wells, smooth running time has reached 850 days, the performance is still great. Now, Daqing Oilfield has been the first-class thick-walled screw pump production wells 16, the outstanding performance of this pump, oil production plant has won the favor. This year, a number of oil fields will increase the number of thick-wall screw pump wells.