Wide range of applications for remote readers

At present, the application of long-distance card readers has become more and more widespread, mainly reflected in the following aspects.
1. Home-school access student security SMS system;
2. Enterprises and institutions personnel access automatic attendance system;
3. Coal mine downhole personnel tracking and positioning system;
4. Personnel safety management system for important meetings and events;
5. Parking Free Hand Free access control;
6. Motor vehicle electronic license plate automatic identification system;
7. Expressway ETC electronic toll system;
8. "Branch" automatic management system for bus entrances and exits

This product is a white or slightly yellow flowable powder with molecular formula C2H2CaO4. It is an additive in building concrete. Calcium Formate is an additive that accelerates cement hydration and improves early strength of mortar.
Accelerating the setting and hardening of concrete means:
Reduce initial setting time
Normalize the retardation of cement under low temperature conditions
Increase early strength growth rate
Reduced mold closing time in modules during the production of precast concrete
Reduce the time it takes for concrete to reach its load capacity

Calcium Formate

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