Empty drums, Yin Yang angles, arcs... Xiao Bian interviews teach you to accept tiles

The media in the interior decoration industry has been doing so for a long time. We have seen many construction sites, all kinds of things, and all kinds of good and bad spots. It feels really difficult to control the construction site. It is difficult to control the health of the site, the attitude of the workers is difficult to control, and how the workers' craftsmanship is. How is the technology, it is difficult to unite. Therefore, we hope to take everyone to see more sites, learn more about construction knowledge, and eat as little as possible. Today, Xiao Bian wants to take everyone to see the site where it is carrying out this step. Look how the master worker is paving.

How to make floor tiles not empty?

When we entered the door, the worker's master was about to start paving the floor. He told us to use a one-to-one cement yellow sand to clean the ground floor of the floor tiles before the tiles are made. This will prevent dirt, oil sludge, etc. in the original ground from seeping outside, and cause the grass to empty.

Mix the tiled yellow sand cement to the specified proportion of mortar to maintain the same thickness and prevent emptying due to uneven shrinkage. Before cementing, they will knock down the mortar, and after the slurry is finished, the tile adhesive must be coated on the opposite side of the brick, so as to ensure that the drum is not empty.

How to spread the arc floor?

The floor of the balcony is irregularly curved, so the laying of the floor tiles is also troublesome and must be cut in advance. The master calculates the cutting line of the tile according to the site space, so that it can meet the time paving and save material.

Yin Yang angle how to stitch?

The bathroom tiles have been laid. In the construction of tiling, the splicing requirements of the yin and yang angles are very high, and bad treatment can easily damage the corners of the tiles.

The workers' masters use a 45 degree joint in the construction. Although the construction requirements are relatively high, the quality is guaranteed.

Mud and wood project should pay attention to on-site protection

The reason why mason is also called a hidden project, because after the trenching and laying pipe, the need for masonry cement sealing, although it seems relatively simple, but in fact whether the sealing slot is smooth, will affect the future construction. We noticed that the master made the cement closed and the entire surface was very smooth.

In the construction of masonry, good construction work is important, but there are still many jobs in the later period. If the protection is not in place, it may damage the tiles that have already been attached, and the wooden cabinets that have already been completed will leave regrets. The site we see has complete protection for every completed project.

Cutting the wood will cause the wood chips in the scene to fly and be very messy. However, this site is very clean and tidy. It shows that a lot of effort has been devoted to hygiene. The machines were all fenced up so that the rubbish fell into the fence and the construction environment was not soiled.

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