What are the features of Asia-Pacific Tianneng Smart Lock?

The smart locks on the market today are varied and dazzling. Many people are also using smart locks, but they may only understand the surface of the smart lock function, the following Xiao Bian will take everyone in detail; Understand one of the smart locks in Asia Pacific Tianneng smart lock function.

Asia-Pacific Tianneng smart lock function

Virtual bit cryptography

You can enter any number before or after you open the password to eliminate the possibility of the password being leaked. Full voice prompts: The use of settings is easy and convenient, even for the elderly and children.

Patented anti-lock body

Tungsten steel tongue is equipped with rolling sleeve, anti-saw, anti-smashing and anti-collision protection design;

Multiple safety designs

The door is automatically locked, the handle is fully locked, and the mechanical key opens automatically:


Four-in-one universal lock body

No right outside open, right inside open, left outside open, left inside open points, a lock common;

K+K technology

Unique security mode, password input + fingerprint scanning double verification can unlock, fully improve the security access standards.

Free handle design

Separate lock body, double anti-theft, the handle is locked up, and the handle is in a free state, the handle can slide downwards, but cannot be opened.

Asia-Pacific Tianneng Smart Lock adopts the special fingerprint sensor of the Bank of Sweden FPC Company. The semiconductor live fingerprints are turned on to eliminate fake fingerprints. The security is unmatched. 5A-grade high-strength drill-touch touch screen, smart phone-like sensitive touch experience, leaving no finger marks It is easy to clean, the function is great, and the used friends rated it very high. It is very good in all respects! Thank you for your visit!

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