Detailed PET packing tape

It is reported that the PET packing belt is commonly known as the plastic steel belt. It can be seen that the PET packing belt is made by finishing the polyethylene glycol as the main raw material. The PET packing belt is a new type of steel belt used in the world. Environmentally friendly packaging materials.

In the past, the strapping of heavy-duty packaging had no choice but to use steel strips, but PET strapping was born, sweeping the world within a few years. Because PET strapping overcomes the shortcomings of steel strip elasticity, rust, and high price, PET strapping is gradually replacing steel strapping. At present, domestic PET strapping belts are gradually being promoted and expanded in terms of pallet binding of heavy weights for transportation and packaging, and PET strapping belts have a good market prospect.

PET strapping has its own advantages:

(1) PET packing belt has high strength and good flexibility; (2) PET packing belt has high safety; (3) PET packing belt has good adaptability; (4) PET packing belt is environmentally friendly; (5) PET packing belt has Certainly economic.

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