Tile Scratch Repair Tile Scratch Treatment Tips

Using tiles to lay the floor in the home is already a very common method. However, after using it for a long time, there are a lot of scratches on the floor tiles. What should I do? For a piece of tile bar project too much, do not change it is the impact of the effect, every cleaning will be more likely to dust, in fact, there are some simple methods for tile scratches to help you solve the problem, the following small series We will introduce you how to do the floor tile scratch repair. If you want to learn about the floor tile maintenance knowledge, you may wish to check it out.

Tile scratch repair tips

Because of its low water absorption rate, wear-resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no radiation, zero pollution, etc., ceramic tiles become the first choice for people to decorate new houses. Tiles are used in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms where people are exposed to a lot and are easily dirty. The use of ceramic tiles is easier to clean, so when the owners are decorating, these tiles are often used in these places. The length of life of each item is inseparable from our daily maintenance, but careless damage, if not compensated in time, will create even greater damage. Therefore, we should not underestimate the scratches on the tiles. The following Xiaobian and everyone will put together some repair methods for tile scratches.

Tile scratches are divided into two types, one is a tile scratch, the tile surface structure is not damaged, clean the floor surface without traces. The other is scratches on the floor tile metal, such as nails or sharp iron, the brick surface is scratched to form scratches on the damaged brick surface. After the scratches on the floor tile are removed, they must be repaired, otherwise they will be dirty soon. , re-formed a black scratch marks.

1, floor tile scratch repair

Use tile repair agent to repair tile scratches. Use a writing brush with a repair agent to trace the scratches. After 30 minutes, paint again. Dry again and repeat until the scratches are visible from the side. After the floor tiles can be kept at a long-term cleanliness scratches; in addition to deep scratches the brick surface scratches can also be used mill grinding, but be careful grinding and polishing, otherwise there will be more damage to the pit or brick surface, such as matt Wider scratches.


2, floor tile metal scratch processing

During the decoration, push or pull the iron frame or aluminum alloy on the floor tile, how to do with the scratch on the floor tile, the metal push-pull effort is small, the pressure is high, the trace of metal can penetrate into the brick surface, it is difficult to clean, and the surface is easy to use acid. Damage, if it is a relatively heavy metal scratches caused by push and pull, remove the scratches on the floor tiles will be more difficult, in order to be able to more easily and quickly remove the metal scratches on the floor, you can first soak for 3 minutes with detergent and then scrub , The floor tile cleaner and the metal scratches will loosen after reacting and decomposing. Wipe it with a wet towel and wipe it with a detergent. The cleanness is like a new brick surface. It will not affect the surface of the floor tile. The shine will not have any change.

Summary: How to deal with tile scratches We can also deal with the actual situation, and also pay attention to the color when buying tiles scratch repair agent, the above is the introduction of tile scratch repair related content, I hope to help you . For more information on ceramic tile, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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