Need to do homework electric oven knowledge and purchase points before buying

As a kitchen enthusiasm for baking, buying a good electric oven is of course a top priority, but before you actually get into baking, you first need to know some common sense of the oven and know what to pay attention to when buying the oven. The elements, today's Xiaobian will come to you for the basic knowledge and purchasing points of the electric oven.

The electric oven consists of a box, a door, an electric heating element, a temperature control and a timing device.

1 box is made of thin steel plate, generally double layer, material.

2 boxes of doors are equipped with high temperature resistant glass to observe the food baking situation.

3 electric heating elements are commonly used to coat the metal tube type of far infrared radiation material. Generally, the electric oven has two electric heating elements, and some ones are installed on the side of the box.

4 temperature control components mainly use bimetals have been gradually promoted.

5 Timing devices are commonly used in spring and electric, the former has a timing range of less than 1 hour, and the latter can reach several hours. Some electric ovens also have a food tray, which is driven by a micro-motor and rotates at a low speed to make the food more uniform. In the early 1980s, computer electric ovens were used. Temperature sensors, weight sensors, humidity sensors and microprocessors were used to automatically select the best baking mode according to the pre-entered baking program to optimize and automate the baking process.

You should mainly consider the following questions when purchasing an electric oven.

1, volume. Households are better than 25L. If space is limited, try not to choose ovens below 20L, because too small electric ovens are not able to display more talents than chicken wings.

2, there are upper and lower tube heating. Moreover, the upper and lower tubes can be separately controlled and heated separately to cook a variety of foods.

3, there are temperature scales and time scales, easy to read, not necessarily electronic, mechanical can.

4, the temperature is preferably the Celsius scale, if it is Fahrenheit, you need to convert yourself, it is more troublesome.

It's worth spending a little more on the oven. It's best to buy a brand that you can trust, because a good oven can accompany you for decades and it's worth spending more.

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