Integrated ceiling brand recommended 3d integrated ceiling installation steps

The integrated ceiling refers to the combination of metal plates and electrical appliances. This is a very important aspect for home improvement decoration. A good ceiling can show the unique taste of the owner, and it can make the whole family live. Here we give you Describes branding recommendations for integrated ceilings and installation steps for 3d integrated ceilings.

Integrated ceiling brand recommendation :

Brand Name: Mori

Smart ceiling leading brand, this section is integrated ceiling LED lighting fan and kitchen bathroom LED lighting in one ultra-thin ventilation fan, aluminum alloy drawing frame, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, soot adsorption than ordinary light is low, easy to clean. Ultra-thin body, thickness of only 100mm. High power mute ventilation LED super bright lighting. The cover adopts aviation custom aluminum material, which can dissipate heat instantly, effectively prevent light decay and extend lamp service life. Moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-oxidation, lasting sterling silver luster, full of noble atmosphere. Such a cost-effective ultra-thin LED ventilation fan is a must-have home-integrated kitchen ceiling.

Brand Name: New Flying

The integrated ceiling sales rank among the top brands, and the style of the ceiling is diversified. The choice is very wide. It has a variety of personalized styles such as natural leisure, boldness, generosity, softness and elegance. It makes people feel that the interior layout has modern practicality and absorbs traditional features. It is integrated in the decoration and furnishings. Believe in the power of the new fly, I believe the power of the brand.

Brand Name: Gardonia

Gadenia integrated ceiling brand, corporate image and public reputation are very good, this integrated ceiling bathroom light, can be described as a representative, the classic aluminum color, profile drawing panel simple and simple, elegant, with a stylish retro beauty, Its function has first-class light transmission, light illumination is not dazzling. Fully-sealed integrated design eliminates mosquito nuisances, all-metal design, high-quality wire drawing panels, resistance to falls and shocks, facilitates heat dissipation, and prolongs the lifespan of the LED. The perfect design for both internal and external repairs gives you the warmth and health of the whole family.

Brand Name: Meiling

All products have passed the 3C certification, and all the strength brands passed by the China Quality Certification Center are now introduced to you as a representative Meiling integrated ceiling "10 square meter kitchen". Different styles of aluminum gussets, with different self-selected material combinations to match the owner's own style of kitchen, can be combined with different kitchen appliances and furniture to build their own ideal kitchen configuration. Such a brand integrated ceiling, not only anti-oxidation, high temperature, but also low carbon environmental protection, green energy.

3d integrated ceiling installation steps:

1, according to a good size, in the ceiling brick hole screwed into the expansion tube screw, pay attention to the height between the ceiling and the roof is not less than 25cm screw must be perpendicular to the ceiling, and fixed securely, 6 each screw kept parallel.

2. Take an average of six points on the ceiling and use electric hammer to drill holes (do not affect the installation of electrical appliances). Measure the distance from the top to the corner line, cut the screw with a short distance of 8-10cm from the actual distance, screw one nut on one side and screw in the expansion screw (the screw exposes about 3mm), and screw the nut on the other side. The main keel is suspended and screwed into a nut.

3、Put the expansion screw and screw connection into the hole, connect the big ceiling with the screw with 6mm diameter, screw the nut into the screw, then insert the big hanging piece, then screw in the nut, and so on. .

Keel installation:

1. Comparing the size of the large hanging pieces, clamp the main keel on the hanging pieces, cut the required size, and pay attention to keep the main keel parallel.

2. Put the triangle hanging piece into the triangular keel, and then fix it on the main keel. Before fixing the triangular keel, adjust the distance between each keel to 300mm. The outlet ducts of the range hoods are arranged in front of the gussets and are not required if no range hoods are installed.

3, the specific method is: subtract 5mm in the installation length and then cut the required triangular keel. After the triangle hanging piece is put into the triangular keel, the triangular hanging piece is stuck on the main keel. Pay attention to the opposite of the same triangle card keel hanging on the main keel, so that it will not swing when the installation continues.

Xiao Bian concludes: The brand recommendation of the integrated ceiling and the installation steps of the 3d integrated ceiling are introduced. I hope to help you. For more information, please pay attention to this website.

Integrated ceiling integrated ceiling brand

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