Entrance for hanging what painting entrance Feng Shui ornaments layout

In modern furniture decoration, we can often hear a word that is the entrance, the entrance not only increases the owner's privacy, but also reflects the owner's life, cultural taste, and the entrance Feng Shui will affect the owner's wealth and career, The importance of the entrance decoration can be seen. Here we will give you a brief introduction, the entrance is suitable for hanging what paintings and entrance Feng Shui ornaments layout.

The entrance is suitable for hanging what painting:

Peony is the country's national flower, is the king of flowers, represents the good fortune and prosperity. The squid means more than a year and more than a year. The Taoist said: "In the second, second, third, and third life," the three squid have a steady stream of meanings that are endless. In feng shui, water is used for wealth, and red squid has the meaning of wangyun. Such works are often referred to as Wangcai map. This piece of work entitled "More than a Rich," the picture is fresh and elegant, pleasing to the eye, the contents implied beautiful, positive and upward, suitable for hanging in the living room, entrance and other places.

Plum has always been a symbol of our national spirit. Plum blossoms still bloom in the cold winter, symbolizing the Chinese people's indomitable spirit, their indomitable struggle, and their noble spirit. Plum, with its noble, strong, and modest character, gives people the incentive to work hard. The meaning of plum is: strong, elegant and loyal. Symbolizes perseverance, perseverance, courage, and self-improvement. In the bitter cold, the plum blossoms first and the spring blossoms. The inscription "Happy Eyebrows" is very close to the topic, and the plum placed on the entrance can have auspicious effects. Several newly emerged flowers stand at the top of the flower layer, showing tenacious vitality. Two peace-loving pigeons accompany each other on the rock. One quietly looks back and one looks up. The bright red flower embellishes the entire picture and echoes the peony. Peony is often depicted in traditional Chinese paintings of flowers and birds. Past poets and painters have countless verses and paintings that praise peony, not only because of the beautiful appearance of peony, but also the good feelings of poets and painters. The peony symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. The pigeons represent peace and auspiciousness. The title of this work, “Auspicious and Meaningful,” expresses the author’s longing for and pursuit of a harmonious and happy life.

Entrance Feng Shui Decoration:

Entrance feng shui ornaments layout one: interval

The entrance is an area of ​​the entrance to the living room. It is in the lead of the living room. For the space between the living room and the entrance, the following should be solid, with the main transparent to increase the privacy of the living space and prevent leakage. Of course, it is also possible to use hollow bogu frames and ornaments such as frosted glass.

Feng Shui Feng Shui Decoration Layout II: Lighting

Today's lights on the market not only have the effect of lighting, but also have the function of decoration space. In the entrance feng shui, the light should not be dark because of the principle should be appropriate; its shape should also avoid the triangle, arranged in order to square and round the best, with a square symbol of stability and reunion.

Entrance feng shui ornaments layout three: cut off

In the entrance feng shui, the partition between the living room and the entrance should not be too high or too low, usually two meters is the best height. Too high a partition will be oppressive; if it is too high, it will block the air outside the house, not only in the entrance feng shui, but also in practicality. This situation is not appropriate.

Feng Shui Feng Shui Decoration Layout Four: Furniture

In Fengshui porch, the decoration of furniture is generally based on the principle of not affecting the access of occupants. Small-sized apartment home space can be used to expand the storage space with shoes, low cabinets and other furniture.

Feng Shui Feng Shui Decoration Layout Five: Plants

The emergence of plants can make people visual sense of integrity and interoperability. In Feng Shui Feng Shui, taboo plants such as roses, cacti, etc. should be contraindicated. Evergreen foliage plants are appropriate, such as Pachira, gold. Ge, Tieshu, and admiration.

Feng Shui Feng Shui Decoration Layout VI: Decorations

In many home gates, the owner often likes to place munitions and lions and other ferocious wild beasts as the patron saint of the home space. Of course, these mighty and spiritual beasts are placed outside the home and are subject to many restrictions, but If placed in the entrance, it can also play a protective role.

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