Home decoration tips tell you where aisle lights are installed?

Basically, there is an aisle in the home. Therefore, the arrangement and installation of aisle lights is also a concern for everyone. The aisle lights are not only practical, but also play a decorative role. How do you arrange aisle lights? Today Xiao Bian gave everyone this knowledge!

First, recessed downlight

When choosing the light source of the recessed luminaire, the light source usually adopts the low-power energy-saving lamps of warm colors, which are mainly used to create a warm, peaceful or romantic atmosphere so as to be able to coordinate with the overall function of the building. Due to the different depth and width of downlights, the downlights are divided into vertical downlights and horizontal downlights. Each type has a variety of styles, with different light distribution curves, generally belonging to narrow or medium light distribution. The lighting fixtures should pay attention to the height-to-height ratio of the luminaires when designing them, so as to avoid the existence of obvious light spots in the corridors with uneven illuminance.

Second, cassette fluorescent lamps

When using acabinet fluorescent lamps for installation in aisles, there are usually ceiling installations and embedded installations. The choice of the two is generally related to the style of home decoration, but the general ceiling installation method is more intensified than that of the embedded installation. What kind of installation method is chosen, the low-power fluorescent lamp must be used in the selection of lighting fixtures, and the color of the lighting should be matched with the home color and suitable for the home decoration style.

Third, lamp curtain wall design

There is also a common method for aisle lighting design. The light curtain wall is a light curtain wall or an LED curtain wall to be installed, so that the whole wall or ceiling of the home has a uniform light color, so that the home is even more Warm and comfortable, but this kind of lighting design has a high requirement for the overall lighting arrangement and design of the home, and it is better to be able to match each other.

In short, the choice and design of home aisle lamps and lanterns, one should consider and match the entire home decoration style, and second, consider its practicality, can not cause harm to light pollution, and again, can not make the room too dark.

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