How to choose ceramic tiles to buy tips

Everyone knows that nowadays, the decoration of houses is inseparable from everyone's scope. The house is old to be renovated, and a new house is to be renovated. It is also necessary to have a house for marriage. In the renovation, you will encounter the purchase of various building materials. Tiles are one of the necessary building materials for decoration. Nowadays, many people are experiencing difficulties in decoration and do not know how to pick tiles . Today, Xiao Bian talked about the techniques and precautions for selecting tiles, and I hope to help you.

How to choose a tile

Living room

The living room is an important place for us to receive relatives and friends. It is also an area with a lot of contact. If we do not have a comfortable living room, it will make our friendship with friends and relatives unfamiliar, and we cannot show the friendship of hospitality. The tiles used in the living room are also subject to a certain selection; pick out some of the tiles that reflect the owner's extravagance' atmosphere; here you can try to distinguish the brick with the way to see. Because you can tell whether the surface of the tile is good or bad, no matter what matter is to be judged by the eye's eyesight. The quality of the tiles is also distinguished by the eyes' (see: appearance, no discoloration, no deformation, lack of missing diamonds.)

Bedroom articles

The bedroom is the place we often go in and it is also a resting area for closing eyes. If you do not sleep well, you cannot have the spirit to analyze the problem. If you do not sleep well, you cannot maintain a clear mind. To deal with everything. So the bedroom is our area of ​​self-cultivation. Therefore, the bedroom floor tiles must be selected one by one. Pick a satisfactory tile from among them. Let the bedroom reflect the ease and comfort. However, there are skills to choose the tiles, oh, it is also one of the skills, because you can also judge the quality of the tiles ~ (Hey: try how to feel, how the quality of the analysis, the density reached a certain degree of Shen.)

Bathroom articles

Bathrooms are a place we often use and a place for us to get clean because we often deal with water. Therefore, the floor tiles are very particular about the selection of floor tiles to include non-slip effects. At the same time, it can also ensure its own safety. So we also look through the eyes and hear to find tiles. (Listening: Tiles with a metallic sound and a thick sound and a long echo when tapping a tile)

Kitchen articles

The kitchen is our daily drink, and the place to cook is also greasy and the desktop is messy. Messy makes you feel bad. And greasy words will appear less secure. It will slide and break things. Therefore, we would rather pick more and more choices to find the right tiles for the kitchen, and we couldn't put some dangerous tiles on the kitchen. We could choose some tiles with darker colors, or we could use more tiles and keep tiles better. The consistent effect of having a clean kitchen is to have a good mood for cooking. However, we also need to know some of the small knowledge of choosing tiles, know how to distinguish the quality of the tiles. Patchwork and look are also among them little knowledge! (Fight: It depends on the four dimensions, the flatness of the tile, and the angle of the three aspects.)

Tiles in different areas are different. The above Xiaobian has clearly explained how to use tiles in each area, as well as its purchasing skills. For more information on the purchase of ceramic tiles, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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