Sesame timely fertilization principle

Fertilization of sesame should be applied in a timely manner. Pay attention to the following principles.
1. Lightly apply seedlings. Due to the slow growth of sesame seedlings, the ability of roots to absorb nutrients is weak. For plots with insufficient base fertilizer, the seedling fertilizer should be applied as early as possible, but the amount of fertilizer used should be small, otherwise it will easily cause high seedlings.
2, steady application of fertilizer. Summer sesame seeds are buds to the early flowering stage, and the growth rate is obviously accelerated. The timely application of bud fertilizer can promote flower bud differentiation and increase the number of crusting.
The bud fertilizer must be applied and stabilized to meet the needs of growth and development.
3. Reapply flower fertilizer. During the flowering period of sesame, it blooms, matures and matures at the maturity stage, and the demand for fertilizer increases sharply. This stage of topdressing can reduce the tip and grain of the yellow sesame in summer, and increase the weight of 1000-grain. Generally, it is required to be applied twice: 10 days after the initial flowering, 5-7 kg of urea should be applied per acre, and 7-10 kg of pure nitrogen should be applied per mu after 10 days of crusting. In order to meet the large demand for phosphorus and potassium fertilizer during the flowering period, 2 kg of phosphate fertilizer and 1 kg of potassium fertilizer can be used per mu, and 50 kg of water is used. After mixing, the clear liquid is sprayed, and the effect of increasing yield is obvious.
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