Ammonium bicarbonate is better than urea

The third operation team of Hebei Zhangzhou Nongda Experimental Farm is located in the alluvial plain of Juma River. The soil is sandy and the fertility is not too high. The main crops planted are fruit trees, peanuts, and some winter wheat and summer corn. The winter wheat planting area was only a few hundred mu in the previous year, and the output level was around 600 kg. In the winter wheat fertilization, they fully considered the fertilization benefit. Before the winter, the base fertilizer was applied with two manure per acre, and no fertilizer was applied. When winter wheat is planted, 5 kg of diammonium phosphate is used per mu of fertilizer. In view of the fact that the soil fertility is not too high, they applied the nitrogen fertilizer to the early stage of jointing. The net amount of nitrogen applied per acre is 6 kg. Through field comparison experiments, it was found that the yield of winter wheat without topdressing was only 520 kg, and the yield of topdressing was 600-660 kg. The increase in topdressing is between 13% and 23%. Su Mingchun, the leader of the wheat field operation group, found that by applying the 6 kg nitrogen fertilizer, the yield of wheat with ammonium bicarbonate was significantly higher than that of the urea application. The output of topdressing with ammonium bicarbonate averaged 665 kg, while the yield of urea applied averaged 595 kg. Therefore, he decided that this year's wheat nitrogen fertilizer will only use ammonium bicarbonate and no longer use urea. The surrounding farmers are also preparing to imitate the practice of the test farm, but they do not know why the effect of chasing ammonium is better than urea.

Expert analysis: There are 4 points worth promoting in this case. 1. Using self-produced organic manure and manure as the base fertilizer, it can not only supply nutrients in the middle and late stages, but also improve the production cost by fertilizing the soil. This is suitable for soils with low fertility and strong sandy soil.

2. Northern winter wheat from the sowing to wintering to the next year to return to green and jointing, it takes a long period of six months, during which the wheat seedlings grow tall and strong, can not resist the cold, is the basis for high yield of winter wheat, but also the key. In view of the fact that the soil fertility of the experimental farm is not too high, 4-5 kg ​​of diammonium can be used as a seed fertilizer when planting winter wheat, which can play the role of “four or two pounds”. Because the nutrient content of ammonium phosphate is high phosphorus and low nitrogen, phosphorus can promote the roots and strong seedlings of wheat seedlings, enhance the resistance of wheat seedlings, and is beneficial to the wintering of winter wheat.

3. Appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer for topdressing, applied in the early stage of winter wheat jointing, it is good steel used in the blade. The nitrogen fertilizer applied in this way is highly efficient, and the grain yield is increased by more than 20%. When the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer is high, the loss is also small.

4. The effect of topdressing urea is not as good as that of using ammonium bicarbonate. The results of this comparative test show that urea is 13 to 15 kg and ammonium bicarbonate is 22 to 23 kg per kg of nitrogen. The nitrogen utilization rate calculated therefrom is 42% to 45% for urea and 60% for ammonium bicarbonate, and the difference is significant. The main reason is that the effect of ammonium bicarbonate is fast, while the fertilizer efficiency of urea is slower. After being applied to the soil, it must be transformed to be absorbed in large quantities. The fertilizer used for top dressing should highlight a "fast" word.

In short, crop fertilization should pay attention to the combination of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, and ammonium bicarbonate is faster than urea when it is used for topdressing.

Source: agricultural Guide 2008 31 Author: Cao Yiping
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