Determination criteria for pear tree fertilization period

  The fertilization period of pear trees should be determined according to the growth results of pear trees, fertilizer characteristics, site conditions, and fertilizer types.

   1. Determination of base fertilizer period: Pear base fertilizer is mainly delayed or semi-late organic fertilizer, combined with some quick-acting fertilizer, applied in autumn, winter or spring, and is best applied after harvesting in autumn to before falling leaves. The application of autumn fertilizer is beneficial to the accumulation of nutrients in the tree, promote the development of flower buds, improve the quality of flower buds, increase the nutrition of wintering storage, enhance the ability of cold resistance, and heal quickly, and promote the new roots.

   2 , the topdressing period is determined: topdressing is generally carried out before germination to flowering, after flowering until the new growth stops, and the fruit is rapidly expanding. Germination to topdressing before flowering is beneficial to new growth and fruit setting. It is better for weak trees or trees with less fertilization in the previous year. After flowering to new growth before topdressing, it is beneficial to fruit growth and flower bud differentiation; fruit is rapidly inflated and topdressed. It is mainly to meet the needs of fruit growth, and it is better for trees with weak growth and many results. The pear trees with more results were added with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on the basis of topdressing nitrogen fertilizer. Tree size of the results, the focus in Danian, late top dressing, to satisfy the required nutrients fruit enlargement, promote differentiation and development, raise high yield for the coming year; small year should focus on pre-dressing, a little to promote new first and second stages Growth, reduce the growth of the third stage, increase the fruit set rate, and increase the current year's output.

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