Fingerprint lock marketing seeks to establish a foothold needs to establish a brand advantage

A fingerprint lock brand must establish a relative competitive advantage, and it is possible to seek a foothold in the fierce market competition in the future.

The essence of market competition is the competitive advantage. The quality, brand, price, function, after-sales service, style, and cultural power provided by a fingerprint lock are all important factors in winning customers. What kind of fingerprint locks a customer ultimately chooses depends on In the comprehensive identification of these factors, as a manufacturer can establish an impact on the actual improvement in technology and after-sales service, and effectively convey this information to consumers through appropriate channels. In order to eliminate the lack of consumer awareness of the product, fingerprint lock manufacturers, in addition to continuing to strengthen the existing brand, core technology and other advantages, should also establish a comprehensive competitive advantage in advertising, promotion, after-sales service, price and other aspects, In order to achieve long-term market share in the domestic market, such as large-scale launch of product advertising, continuous development of new varieties, enhanced after-sales service, and enhanced channel construction . For the fingerprint lock, whether it is a simple price advantage or a pure advertising appeal, there is no way out.

In the current situation, fingerprint locks should focus on quality commitment and service features. In the quality appeal can make a greater commitment, such as "two weeks to return, January replacement", while highlighting the convenience of fingerprint lock maintenance and low fees, the current fingerprint lock manufacturers' sales service point network is generally not very large, To make such a commitment on the service poses a great challenge to its logistical support system. If the fingerprint lock brand that has just entered the market can do this well, and can continuously improve the product technology, it will ensure after-sales. Service advantages.

With quality commitment to eliminate consumer confidence barriers for fingerprint locks, to the extent that consumer satisfaction services and prices to some extent compensate for the technical disadvantages of fingerprint locks. Conversely, if the fingerprint lock only establishes the advantage on a pure price advantage or the pure advertising function appeal is bound to be difficult to last...

In summary, we believe that under the current competitive situation, the key to winning fingerprint locks is: First, it is very important to choose a market that can win, not necessarily a national market. Secondly, development is targeted at Third, based on a specific channel, focus on resources to attack key targets; Fourth, optimize brand image, strengthen service strategy, and establish a comparative advantage.

Of course, the strategic choice of fingerprint locks is diverse. At present, fingerprint locks are listed. The practice of cutting in and positioning high-end products from large starting points in large and medium-sized cities across the country is highly effective, but fingerprint locks are used in this way. It is not enough to prove the growth of the fingerprint lock market when the group enters the market and obtains a certain market. For fingerprint locks, no matter which method you choose, if you want to keep developing, you must maintain a balance between growth rate and durability.

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