Azuoqi iron, manganese, graphite, kaolin results outstanding

Since the geological exploration work was carried out in the Yandi Latu exploration area of ​​Alashan Zuoqi, the geological achievements have been remarkable. As of the end of September 2009, the maximum thickness of graphite ore bodies found was above 66 meters, the highest grade of fixed carbon was 8.65%, and the average grade was 4.68%. The amount of graphite ore was estimated to be 42 million tons, and the amount of minerals was 2.1 million tons. At more than 100 million tons, it is expected to be a large crystalline graphite deposit. The discovered kaolin mine has a control length of more than 500 meters and a thickness of about 20 meters. It is estimated that the kaolin mineral resources are above 100 tons.
In 2005, Alxa Mengshan Mining Co., Ltd. entrusted the Eighth Geology and Mineral Exploration and Development Institute of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to conduct geological exploration of iron, manganese, graphite and kaolin mines in the Yandi Latu area of ​​Alashan Zuoqi. In recent years, through unremitting efforts, the iron ore geological survey was started in 2008. In 2009, graphite mineralization clues were discovered in deep drilling construction, and a associated kaolin mine was found in the work area. Made of porcelain clay raw materials, and has been approved by Ningxia ceramic tile manufacturers.

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