Winter tricks to help you withstand cold wave attacks

The "super cold wave" has come and the country has become a large ice bank. The face of such cold weather should be minimized to go out. Security is the most important thing to survive this winter. Some people will say that the house does not look warm and how to do it? Xiaobian teaches you how to mix winter soft outfits.

1, warm color increase intimacy

The arrangement of winter houses can make people feel warm if they mainly use warm colors such as red, yellow and orange. However, the decoration owner must pay attention to the harmony of the use of color. In red, for example, red is a typical warm color in all colors, and of course there are also phenomena. Because according to previous psychological studies, red is the best color that can accelerate pulse beat in all colors, so if you touch too much red, it is easier to make people feel tired. Xiao Bian suggested that when choosing the color of the room layout, you can use a small amount of cool colors on the basis of warm colors. Plus a variety of colors of small cushions to add warmth to the interior. The specially added green plants will also make people brighten up and let you relax and feel the warmth of home.

2, jewelry brings warmth

The decorative changes in fabric sofas can also play a very weakening role in the chilly and cold atmosphere of winter. Adding a couple of warm pillows to the sofa is a very good method of warming. The pillow can not only meet the visual warmth but also have more room for personalization. Of course, you can also make a warm coat for the entire sofa.

On the bed, you can use the warm-colored bed kit directly to add to the overall atmosphere of the room; you can also put some light-colored floral cushion covers on your bed. In this way, there is a warmth in the freshness; The pure white sheepskin blanket on the bed is elegant and warm, or the cartoon warm pad is placed on the bed, which brings warmth to the room and will bring some different personality colors. Placing warm fabric flowers on the bedside table can also bring a little warmth to the living room.

Red, orange and other warm colors are the preferred colors for winter fabric curtains, and curtains are one of the important elements of winter home interior style. In terms of fabrics, winter thick fabrics should be used. The curtains with dense texture and warmth will keep the cold atmosphere outside the window and the interior will become very warm and comfortable.

3, sofa sets, blankets and pillows to make space warmer

If you use the feel to describe the four seasons, the winter feels like soft knives, and in cold weather, everyone is cold and there is nowhere to escape. The family seems to be left with only a bed full of quilts. It can also kill people by blowing a wind. , so "equipment attributes" should be ranked first. These soft, soft and soft materials are the most crucial elements for the accumulation of happiness in winter. With these touchable softness on a cold day, how soft is the comfort of a post!

Felt cushions: The woven fabric is breathable, warm, and has a rough, raw taste. Felt has the characteristics of waterproof, warmth, looseness, etc. It is not only fashionable but also practical to make various packages. The greatest feature of the felt is its recyclability and it is very environmentally friendly.

Wool carpet: wool carpet feel soft, good elasticity, bright color and thick texture, anti-static properties, not aging fade. However, its insect resistance, bacteria resistance and moisture resistance are poor. Wool carpets have better sound absorption and can reduce various noises.

Grasp the skills of winter soft outfit, you can add more colors for the interior, so that the cold winter more warm. The above is an introduction to the winter soft-packing techniques. I hope this article will help you.

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