What matters need to be noted when signing a contract?

After finding a decoration company, it is necessary to start signing the contract. After the signing of the contract, there will be a legal effect. If any problem arises afterwards, the basic contract can be used to make a complaint, because when signing a contract, we must be careful and avoid omissions!

1. Project Overview First of all, the construction site, area, contracting method (clearing, half-packet, all-inclusive) and project duration;

2. The project cost should be clearly indicated;

3. Construction drawings and some contracts stipulate two types of drawings: First, Party A's own drawings, and secondly, the construction drawings provided by Party B;

4. The contract can also provide Party A's work, that is, the construction conditions that the owner must have in the construction site. At the same time, it must also provide that Party B should do the work;

5, indicate the material supply, first, the materials provided by Party A according to the contract, Party A shall notify Party B at the material to the construction site to confirm the joint acceptance; secondly, the materials that Party B needs to purchase should also arrive at the construction site. It is to notify Party A to confirm the joint acceptance;

6, the provisions of the extension of the treatment method, which is also a constraint on the construction side;

7. Both parties agree on the construction quality acceptance criteria and related issues of this project. For instance, special mention shall be made of the inspection and acceptance procedures for covert work and intermediate works in a timely manner. Party A shall not participate in the inspection and acceptance according to the agreed date. Party B shall organize the inspection and acceptance by Party B. Party A shall sign and confirm it. Afterwards, Party A shall request re-inspection. Party B shall perform the re-inspection according to the requirements. The re-inspection shall be qualified, and the re-inspection and rework fee shall be A. The party is responsible for the duration of the project. If it is unqualified, Party B shall be responsible for related expenses;

8. Specify the payment method of the project payment, three or more periods, and the amount of payment will be indicated in each period;

9. Indicate relevant safety and fire prevention regulations. The construction drawing practice description and the construction site shall meet the requirements for fire prevention and accident prevention. State the necessary safety measures during the construction to ensure the safety of the operation personnel and the safety of neighbors;

10. In the resolution of contractual disputes, the owner can first apply to the market management department where the decoration company is located to apply for resolution, or to the superior department. In order to avoid unpleasant afterwards, of course, these terms should be specified in the contract;

11, the garbage cleaning costs, during construction and after the project acceptance key storage and replacement, during the construction period of the day B should be displayed on the contract.

12. After signing the by-laws, Party A and Party B will sign and seal the seal and take effect. The contract will be in duplicate and the parties will each hold one. The contract must not be changed unilaterally and it must not be subcontracted.

13. Other binding terms, the more detailed the two sides can fill out the details of protecting their interests, the more they can bind each other, avoid unnecessary disputes, and make it easier to resolve disputes.

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Decoration contract

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