Spring renovation is essential to catch key floor moisture

The most important holiday for the Chinese people, the Spring Festival, has come to a close with the end of a short and busy holiday. The renovation works that stop work before the Spring Festival should also be resumed after winter. First of all, here are some things to say about decorating the floor in spring. Floors in the spring must be protected against moisture. The protection of the floor is not only the cleaning and maintenance of daily use, but also the improper laying of the floor will also have a serious impact on the floor. So, how does the spring floor pavement prevent moisture?

First, sharpen the knife without mistakes

The floor is relatively easy to be damaged during the renovation process, so we must pay attention to the installation time and sequence of the floor. Inappropriate installation time will cause various problems in the future use of the floor, and the order of the pavement is not easy and easy. In the process of interior decoration, the floor is damaged. Therefore, the floor must be planned beforehand.

1, paving time, temperature and other selected

The floor covering is best selected in the spring and autumn seasons because the indoor temperature is relatively high in summer. At this time, the paved floor is easily deformed or even cracked due to the physical elements of thermal expansion and contraction.

The phenomenon of swelling and bubbling tends to occur in the winter when floors are laid on the floor. Because of the cold weather in winter, the floor is cold and dry, and there is insufficient water absorption. In the hot and humid spring and summer, the floor is prone to water absorption and causes swelling.

In addition to choosing the season of paving, it is also important to note that the floor tiles should be chosen to suit the temperature. The general floorboarding temperature is suitable between 16°C and 30°C. Because this temperature meets the growth temperature of the trees, the floor is kept in the best condition of nature.

2, staggered with other decoration reasonable

The paving of the floor should be laid when all the paint is completed and finished. If it is a wooden floor, it will be laid. If it is a ceramic tile, it can be pasted first, but care must be taken to protect it.

In addition to this, it is also possible to pave the floor after the wall paint has been set aside, and then wipe the walls again and again, and the foot line is finally installed.

Second, make good preparations before laying the floor moisture-proof benefits

1, material processing

(1) Save

Flooring materials should be stored at room temperature for two days before paving. In order to prevent moisture, it can be stored in ventilated and dry place and protected by plastic film. If the material has been damp, it should not be used again. Avoid use after drying. .

(2) moisture treatment

Before the floor is laid on the floor, a layer of moisture-proof protective paint should be applied on the opposite side to prevent the floor from being affected by the dampness of the floor.

2. Floor treatment before paving

(1) Clean the ground

Before the floor is laid, it is necessary to first treat the interior floor. The first step is to clean and remove grease or dust sand to ensure that the floor is flat, dry and clean.

(2) Waterproof and moistureproof treatment

The waterproof material should be painted evenly, the gap should be filled with paint or cement brush, and the waterproof material with a height of 30 cm should be painted near the water pipe. The rate of grass sweat should not exceed 15%.

(3) Substrate processing

If the ground environment is too wet, it should be treated with a pearl cotton substrate to ensure that the ground is dry before applying the glue.

Third, the floor is well-paved and no trouble

Floor shop is good or bad, the basis of the material, the installation is the key, the so-called three-point floor seven installation, installation process is good, the floor naturally flat and beautiful. Therefore, pay attention to the following matters when laying floors.

1, moisture pad to pay attention to

The floor mat is a layer between the floor and the floor. It plays a role in moisture protection and balance in the laying of the floor. There are many types of floor mats, such as aluminum floor mats, special plastic floor mats, and paper floor mats. You need to choose the type of mat according to your actual situation.

When laying wood floors, a layer of damp-proof cotton is laid below, and the thickness is generally about 2 mm. The moisture-proof cotton with aluminum film is better.

2, paving methods are stress

When the floor is installed, it is necessary to leave joints between the floor and the wall to reserve about 1cm of floor expansion joints. The gap between the floors is not more than 1mm, and when the floor with high density is laid, a gap of 0.4mm should be left in each block to prevent arching in the future.

Between the solid wood floor to leave expansion joints, reserved for the wet season wood floor expansion space, multi-layer solid wood flooring and laminate flooring can be seamlessly spliced.

3, post-painting must have

After the floor is plastered, the floor paint can be painted and waxed.

Flooring spring decoration knowledge

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