Plug the solar wings for the robot

Plug the solar wings for the robot

Professors SK Gupta and Hugh Bruck of the United States recently led students to demonstrate to the public at the Robotics Center in Maryland a mechanically raven III micro-aircraft (MAV), a newly manufactured solar-chargeable imitation bird robot. The robot's wings use thin and light solar cells, which provide about 10% of its energy for flight. When the bird is still, the battery can charge for its next flight.

According to Professor Gupta, the team was originally designed to develop a robot that can carry on a long flight mission. Because the raven wing area of ​​the machine is large enough, it is suitable for the arrangement of solar cells. So the team installed collapsible solar cells on their wings to receive solar energy to power the flight. "This new design may change the future of the imitation bird robot. With the help of solar cells, the robot will be able to fly farther and be more independent," said one team member.

The flexible solar cell materials used this time are very different from those used in previous versions of the machine ravens. The team will design a new wing scheme and a mosaic process for it.

"Although due to battery efficiency restrictions and the difficulty of laying batteries on the bird's wings, Robot Raven III still needs considerable improvement." Professor Gupta said, "The good news is that it can indeed rely on solar flying. We believe The first step has been taken. How to increase efficiency so that birds can fly farther is still relatively simple."

Professor Gupta has been devoted to the research of bird flapping machine birds for nearly a decade. In 2007, he and his team demonstrated their first bird-winging imitation robot. This spring, they continued to introduce the mechanical Raven Miniature Aircraft (MAV), which is its first aircraft to use a flapper design with independent program control.

1. Product Introduction

   Gold refined Granular Activated Carbon with high quality Anthracite as raw material, it uses of advanced technology by high temperature activation to make. Its appearance is black, granular, and has a large surface area, high strength, high adsorption properties, developed pore structure, low bed resistance, good chemical stability, easy regeneration, durable characteristics etc. The product has kinds of specifications, such as irregular broken and small particles.

2. Application

a. Gold refined granular Activated Carbon is mainly used for extracting gold, carbon paste method, heap leaching method and separation and extraction of precious metals in the metallurgical industry; it can be used for water purification, waste gas treatment and solvent recovery.

b. Gold refined granular activated carbon is also a good adsorbent for advanced purification of drinking water in the city, and applied to remove bacteria and toxic gas components in the air.

c. Gold refined granular activated carbon is also used for the purification of drinking water; removing chlorine, algae, oxygen absorption; it is effective in catalytic carrier, and can be used for water purifiers, core filler, such as water purification equipment.

3. Process  

  Coal-based Granular Activated Carbon with high quality anthracite as raw material, it produced by high temperature steam, and by carbonization, activation, crushing and sieving process.

4. Transportation and packaging

a. Woven bag, lined with plastic film bags, each 25kg, also be packaged according to customer demand; activated carbon in the transportation, to prevent mixed with hard materials, do not step,to prevent carbon particles broken, affecting the quality.

b. Storage: the product should be placed in a cool and dry place;in the transportation and use, to prevent water immersion;

c. To prevent tar substances: in the process of use, tar substances should be prohibited into the activated carbon bed that to plug the activated carbon gap, loses adsorption;

d. Fire prevention: activated carbon in storage or transportation, to prevent direct contact with fire, in case of fire; activated carbon after regeneration should avoid oxygen, the after regeneration`s activated carbon should be steam cooling to below 80 DEG C, or high temperature, with oxygen, activated carbon combustion.

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