How to further optimize the structure of fire equipment

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Doing so: In recent years , the construction of fire-fighting equipment for grass-roots units has undergone a qualitative leap in terms of quantity and quality, which has played an important role in successfully accomplishing the task of extinguishing fires and rescues and promoting local economic development. However, the phenomena of unsound protection mechanisms for equipment construction and the re-purchasing of light pipes in management have also been brought to varying degrees. This has affected, to a great extent, the exertion of the best efficiency of vehicle equipment, and has affected the combat effectiveness of the troops and the improvement of emergency rescue capabilities. Only by further optimizing the structure of fire-fighting equipment and doing a good job in the construction and management of fire-fighting equipment can we directly serve the work of the center and promote the improvement of fire-fighting and rescue capabilities. Firefighting equipment, as the material basis for the troops to complete the firefighting and rescue mission, is an important part of the combat effectiveness of the troops.

(1) Strengthen the building of a talented team and strengthen the training mechanism for talents. Modern fire-fighting equipment can only fully exert its combat effectiveness in the hands of highly qualified personnel. The development of firefighting can only be achieved in an invincible position in the fire by strengthening the development of equipment and increasing the training of professionals. This requires us to pay attention to the training of soldiers, especially non-commissioned officers, so that they understand the equipment, use it, repair it, and manage it. We must take effective measures to adjust the incompatibility between technical personnel and advanced equipment.

The first is to give full play to the advantages of professional non-commissioned officers in this unit, use duty stations to train troops to carry out some equipment competitions, and bring along a group of backbones who know certain professional skills to complete the use, maintenance, maintenance and management of equipment and equipment at the grassroots units, and further solve them. The matching between technical talents and advanced equipment and equipment; the third is to establish the selection, training, and use mechanism of professional backbones and to control the unfavorable situation of high mobility of technical personnel. We must give priority to the personal issues of the technical backbone, especially the When a non-commissioned officer selects, promotes or advances, he or she must consider the technical backbone as a key object. We must retain people, and we must also keep our minds so that professional non-commissioned officers have their heads and hopes to enhance their initiative. Enthusiasm and creativity.

The second is to carry out professional post training on a regular basis, carry out batch and phased training in accordance with the training plan each year, improve the professional quality and practical skills of first-line non-commissioned officers, and improve the overall knowledge structure of grass-roots officers and men;

(2) Pay attention to the construction of basic fire-fighting equipment to ensure the successful completion of major tasks. Fire-fighting equipment construction is the basic work for realizing the command and defense system, the combination of peacetime and warfare, joint security, fast response, and coordinated and orderly combat support system. It is the most important task for the fire-fighting force to complete all critical and dangerous tasks.

Therefore, the first is to strengthen the personal protective equipment of officers and soldiers, combined with the actual characteristics of urban development and firefighting and rescue work, equipped with personal protection equipment with high technological content, strong pertinence, and good applicability, and at the same time improve the awareness of grassroots officers and men of equipment and equipment management. The cultivation of love equipment is to love life, ensure equipment is the concept of security, and always enhance the protection of fire officers and soldiers, and effectively protect the safety of officers and soldiers to provide safety and security for the rescue mission.

The second is to strengthen the equipment equipped with special fire-fighting vehicles and special equipment. Special equipment is a powerful weapon to deal with the current complex situation and dispose of new types of disaster accidents. It is necessary to allocate some advanced fire-fighting rescue equipment to ensure that the officers and men will eliminate the fire and save large risks. Technical protection.

The third is to strengthen equipment management, establish and improve the fire equipment maintenance and repair mechanism, improve the fire equipment supply, maintenance, repair "one-stop" service, pay attention to the maintenance of equipment and equipment, comprehensively improve the standardized management of equipment and equipment, and maintain a high level of combat equipment on duty Rate to ensure the smooth completion of the mission of fighting the big evils.

(c) Improve the practicality and practicality of fire fighting equipment.

First, in the renewal and development of fire-fighting technology and equipment, we must proceed from the needs of a suitable city. Cities with many high-rise buildings must work hard on the word "high," and they can deploy ascending vehicles, while cities with high production of dangerous chemicals can Many high-power foam fire engines and emergency vehicles. Regardless of how sophisticated the vehicle equipment is, if it does not achieve the aim of “pulling, rushing, and winning”, all equipment is empty.

The second is to pay attention to the practical efficiency of vehicle equipment and combinations, and guide and standardize the purchase of equipment. It is really to provide urgent, useful, and durable rescue vehicle equipment for the grassroots frontline.

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